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  • salaam
    can i ask you a question?
    we are ghetting j 10 right or j 10b
    beacuse your pervious quote you said that we are going to be ghetting j 10b instead of j10a ?????
    one more sir and i will come to Pakistan and kick you lolz...Thanks for the compliments..lets hope that :)
    adeos yaar when will you ever become a senior member yaar??will you become senior member before i got banned from here..i wanted to congratulate you :P
    hi adeos bhai....i jus luuuuuuv ur posts!!
    you have all my respects!!
    i would say u r 1 of da best posters!!
    Hey, how you doing buddy, thanks for your message, actually i been around, haha, doing my usual role=communication with my Indian friends.
    will see you around buddy, take care.
    Thanks for your good wishes! Never was in a hurry nor do I practically live here to comment on each and every post are the reasons why of the slow progress. But then again, slow and steady is good.
    yaar dont call me sir frnd..make me feel old.:D.. frnd is enough yaar..no need to show respect.. am just like you only..ce you around yaar..keep in touch
    me no sir man..yes i suerly hope so yaar bcoz war is not going to help any body
    Thanks buddy, I must say that I too have met many Pakistanis who are very logical and rational in their thinking and the way they put across their point is really praise worthy. You are indeed one such person. I would be honored to have you as a friend.
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