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  • HaHa, thanks buddy for your concern, i really need this break though, i am too much into PDF, anyway, i will try to be more careful not to get ban, hehe, take care buddy.
    Thanks Amigo.. I certainly feel the same about your posts too.. As for the speed, being on vacation for 1st 4 weeks of my membership at PDF cerrtainly helped ;)
    i dunno somebody would have told me i dunno seriously i dont remember, sorry for misconception, sry :D for a long time i thought u were behn log
    bwahahahahah. Da mangakano sa kho ba goro dairay mazay ye wakray zama da malk. country khilaf

    zama haga thread kam zay day ? i forgot its been long time chee i am away from forum. Khair where is Taimikhan?
    huh daira da dard shtori da, khair the mangakano sa haal day. za kho na wama pa forum . sa naway taza wa ka na. Rishtya rayad shoo the Zaid hamid lecture day pa pekhawar kay, ka da attend kawalo irada de da no let me know chee pass darala reserve kama.
    adeos mere yaar i will give you thousand of treats if u stp calling me sir..

    yea i saw that and also see many were banned :( ...

    yupz i lost my job..i will have to go for a job hunt in full swing from next week onwards..

    I ws in my village yaar..there was no broad band and then i went for a travel...

    will disappear for another couple of week..pray for me to get a job ;-)
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