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  • Asalam o Alaikum wa rahmah!

    How are you? Thanks for your kind appreciation .. I dont even know the reason why got ban, though I send several email to Sir, AM but until now I haven't recieve any reply from his side ... Thats why I am seriously protesting against the all moderators and not post any of my view in threads ... Anyway thanks for your kind attention my friend and sorry for my poor english ...

    Hmmmmmmm now I remember the name of stadium…...you are right…...and InshaAllah I definitely will come to Peshawar whenever I visit my hometown (may be in April)….…and my friend what kind of attachment…….????.......about winter, yar last 3 years sa ma winter ma he Abbottabad ja raha hon and I have some idea of kind of “winter” there……..!!!!..........by the way my hometown is Nawan Sheher (new city), exact 11 min. walk from PMA Kakul main gate…….!!!!!!
    As'salam-o-Alikum Adeos brother,

    Yar it was a football stadium with athletic track around it and a bazar nearby…..and just one big candle…….as I can recall, there were not “candles”…..but yes it was an Army area where F. G. School was or is…..and thanks a lot for responding.
    lolz..yea it was good thread..will ask taimi to clean out the mess and reopen the thread :D ..may be by finishing the discussion you will reach 1000 marks..dont worry amigo your posts are well balances and good quality even if you posts more..you should posts more here ;-) ..i just saw your no of threads while viewing your profile :D
    hey adios ,hws u mate??had a good discussion yesterday before going to sleep and when came back today that thread is closed due to flaming and all kind of nonsense.. :D.. 777 posts ?233 posts more to go to become a senior member here :D
    yara its not anything out of this world. Anyone with about 5000 posts and long stay have been awarded purple.

    Party khair day wa pa koo
    Nothing much......enjoying a thread " senerio India attack pakistan terrorist camp in2015 or whatever" and the post are like.....yeah lets do this

    Thanks for the encouragement and support. You have assessed it right, I do prefer to read more, lot more, than writing. In most of the cases I find someone else saying what i want to say and I simply support that person using the thanks button. I do agree that this contribution is not good enough, if others will also start thinking like this then there will be hardly anyone writing here.

    I have taken note of your suggestion and I will sincerely try to start contributing more in future.

    I must say that I really like your postings and thoughts, I always find myself in agreement to what you say. Your ability to quickly and effectively response with the right answers is very impressive. Members like you make this forum such an addictive and wonderful place and I always look forward to enjoy such good discussions here.

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