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    Taliban claim $6.5 million, 18 gold bricks recovered from Amrullah Saleh's home

    ISI is responsible for many things but not this thing. After all enitre world would have attacked Pakistan for this inhumane action. We have to think about the earth I don't think it can take anymore of this garbage. 😂
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    Taliban claim $6.5 million, 18 gold bricks recovered from Amrullah Saleh's home

    Now please don't blame ISI or Pakistan for this. Like Indians afghanis have also started blaming Pakistan for everything wrong with there country.
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    Pakistan denies entry to Afghans fleeing Taliban

    Pakistan should not provide refuge to any afghani. Haven't we learnt anything from the past. Have we forgotten the language used by afghanis against Pakistan. Why should Pakistan provide refugee they can go the other countries. Same countries which have developed safe haven for those causing...
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    Afghans protest today in Washington DC

    Afghans blame everything on Pakistan like India. US withdrew its troops and its somehow Pakistani plan. There is a reason why Afghanistan is in such condition and the reason is Afghani people. Pakistan should deport all the refuges back to their home country and seal the border if we are...
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    Help me (SUICIDAL)

    Suffering and problems are going to be part of our life. There is not a single person who is not facing problem or going through hard time. I know time is difficult but you have to face your issues. No problem in this world that is worth dying for. Live your life don't expect anything from...
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    Justice Qazi Faez Isa rants court

    Like every other institution in Pakistan judiciary is also influenced by political associations and loyalties. LHC is a prime example. Judiciary has never been able to deliver and its nothing new in fiaz Isa case. His wife was unable to provide evidence of her income but just because her husband...
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    Need Prayers

    Bro it isn't a joke or conspiracy. This is very real and those claiming it to be something else are lying, people are dying and to be honest people spreading these sort of theories are animals. Trying to create false pretext and spreading mis information. If you look at the statistic of COVID...
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    Five rockets Fired from Afghanistan into Pakistan: ISPR

    These things are going to happen in future. People running the show from Kabul are going to please their Indians masters. The best things to do from Pakistan is once border fence is completed make a buffer zone of 10 20 km inside Afghanistan. Bomb anything that moves their. Use drones and...
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    Justice Qazi Faez Isa 'Should not hear matters involving PM' says CJP

    That's a new low for Pakistan judicial system. We usually refftered to the black court as thug but the thing is judges are also joining their ranks. Cj fiaz Isa has became even more controversial than ex CJP Iftikhar CH. I wonder with all that has happened regarding this Judge, does he have an...
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    A U.S.-Pakistan Reset Just Got a Lot Harder

    They can shove their reservations up their @ss. Pakistan need to think of it self instead of thinking or coming in pressure from others may it be yanks Arabs etc. We all have discussed how yanks have used us in the past. Biden or trump both are not the friends of Pakistan. Both have and will do...
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    Need Prayers

    @Jazzbot hello brother. How are you doing? And how is everyone at home? Hopefully you all are fine and recovering.
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    India Farm Protests: Social Media Expose the Ugly Face of Violent Hindu Extremism

    Actually Indians bakhts got confused between Rihanna and Rehana. Lol. World won't do shit as they need India against China. They will let it go. It's all upto the Sikh how they will handle this? Are they going to surrender to the demands of the government or are they going to stand by their...
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    Lawyers smashes windows of IHC building over CDA's demolition of chambers

    IHC deserved this. Tbh lawyers are known for vandalism and anarchy. They have done this countless time. Attacking doctors blocking roads and threatening police at police station and the list will go on. The thing is every dept have black sheeps but incident regarded lawyers same to lie at exact...
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    150 feared dead as Himalayan glacier crashes into dam in northern India

    We should not after all we are decent human being but unfortunately Indians aren't. Sad incident although hopefully their are less causalities.
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    Indian Navy Sailor Abducted & Burnt Alive

    Wish he had Rs5 coins to stop the heat. Who needs protection when their soldiers can use coins to stop the bullets. Sensationalising every death is Indian media Forte. Feel sorry for the fellow. Death by fire is very painful. God knows what were the reasons behind this incident but very sad.

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