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  • Walikum Salam Janab
    How are you my brother from another mother? Thank for remebering me in your dua. I apprecite it....
    I agree man General Zia ruined Pakistan.The Pakistani Nationalism of 65 does not exist anymore.People are more worried about being a good muslim and then killing other sects.I really hate this man.I hope Pakistanis one day relize that they are Pakistanis first.
    When there's talk of a "hidden hand", too often the conversation fails to include the rich gulf and S.A. sunni salafist/wahabbists.

    I know of your tribe. These are incredibly dangerous days for your people, it seems.

    There are judgements rendered here by people who've not LIVED there, including by myself. You're the exception and while your answer didn't differ from that written by others, you've got eyeballs on that turf and that makes all the difference.

    I very much trust your thoughts here.


    I'm going to post this but wanted to ensure you'd have a chance to see it so I'm throwing it here as well. UCLA has done some research as reported by the TIMES of INDIA that OBL would likely be in Parachinar. They've suggested three compounds that meet six of six primary criteria and sixteen others that meet five of six.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts. Here's the link. There's an embedded video link identifying the the three primary properties as well (looks like google earth).

    Here's the URL. Can't post link for some reason...



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