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    Feeling dead inside.

    I feel the same way sometimes and just hide in the bathroom for an hour from my wife and kids xD sorry , just trying to cheer you up i read through what others have said and most of it is very true and helpful so i will not add on it take care
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    UAE aims to land probe on asteroid between Mars and Jupiter

    A bunch of members from states that are in a state of Failure, being bitter. Shocker ! :)
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    Suggestions for a new car

    TOYOTA - RAV 4
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    Omar Sharif Passed away in Germany

    Allah yerhamah
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    Omar Sharif Passed away in Germany

    did he not die in 2015 ?
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    Expo Dubai 2020 (Oct. 1, 2021)

    this coming thursday 9pm UAE time they will show the opening ceremony. Only 50 people are allowed to attend so i will set up a projector in the garden and enjoy it with the family then on Friday the public are allowed in ! inshallah this event will be a successful and safe event
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    This is our time - DUBAI EXPO 2020 theme song

    Positive upbeat song. I think we need this for a change, away from politics and bombs. any of you coming ? :)
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    Are Small and Homogeneous States More Prosperous?

    The UAE used its oil wisely to propel it to where it is now. however, the UAE nowadays is not only rich because of oil. It is only fair to be precise with these sort of economical statistics also, i noticed this trend where people make it seem like its a shame or disgrace that the UAE is rich...
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    Are Small and Homogeneous States More Prosperous?

    Well i know of other countries who are rich in oil (small nations As well as large ones) and they are failed states, or insignificant on the world stage. Doesn't matter the size of the blessing, its how you use it ! xD
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    Are Small and Homogeneous States More Prosperous?

    They can be, UAE is a good example. Barely 10 million people, very safe, very rich, very stable.
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    European Parliament votes to boycott UAE Expo due to human rights issues

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    How racists are Chinese?

    this my father is nice and kind to every single person no matter what. I was shocked to find out that about 12 years ago, a black man wanted to marry my sister and my father refused him because she was still young. This is not the shocking part though, its when i found out it was actually...
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    BIG News: UAE is now giving Citizenship to Foreigners

    I am Pro giving citizenship to all people, even if they cannot speak a word of Arabic. All great countries now have adopted this method. However, i am aware and agree with you and others that it is a slippery slope and it should be done correctly. learn from past mistakes in the US / Europe. If...
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    Florida shooting: ex-US marine suspected of killing four, including a baby

    "“In addition to that, if he’s not evil enough, he shot and killed the family dog,” Judd said." FU Judd, i love dogs and all animals but FU judd. people AND a baby were massacred. Stop with the pet shit you piece of garbage
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    NavControl-G system - UAE highly advanced anti-drone system

    Speaking of the GCC, I would not go as far as saying there is a paranoia towards Turkey. However, because of the Muslim brotherhood and the ill-treatment gulf Arabs get by some Turks at the airports and streets makes us (cautious). Also the fact that some Turks Believe all Arabs are Dirty savage...

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