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  • Good Posts Man - You sure know how to shut up these Indians sucking up to be Americans and talking as if they are spokesperson of US and Israel.These idiots praise Israel whenever Israel take some covert action and cry when Pakistan pay them in the same coin lol
    How are you,you and your friends have been fighting with Mosa and bashing arabs

    cum on lets not do this
    Well, its ok.

    But since your friend is celebrating i thought it is good to remember you also. :)
    So yeah, Things changed drastically and they changed not slow enough to piss off the liberals and not fast enough to make the ultra-religious side of the population notice. How can anybody ask us to start a revolt against this man, Who in my life time have witnessed a whole new country, a new generation of Saudis are coming. But sadfuly the reputation of those 25 years will haunt us for a long time. I hope now you understand a little bit of why Saudis are content.
    The first few weeks Abdullah came into power half there was huge problems within the royal family because he abolished the shoulder law. made it illegal for princes just to take money from the country's safe. (now they resort to corruption but ironically the son of king fahad was caught in a corruption deal and now is in jail) we saw new government building for the citizens (most were old rugged and were of sub-standard) people can now afford homes and cars improved the education brought great reforms put the clerics on their place (and they hate him for it) and promoted science removed the old idea (we saudis are better than everyone which was put by Fahad to make sure the population do not riot) and he made sure that I can now say these things to you with being afraid of the government (that was not the situation there were spies among the population who were rewarded if they caught someone as much as bad mouth the government).
    Yeah it is very confusing as to why Saudis are happy with an absolute monarchy? This even confused me for a very long time but then I realized.

    People were not happy when King Fahad was around. We hated him we despised and loathed him. He was the one that for 25 years have made Saudi Arabia hell. Bin Laden and his like came from his era. the reputation we got from the time of his rule still haunts us to this day (The stereotyping the bad mouthing the one that says whores) At his era the common people had to kiss the shoulder of the royal family as not to (*****) their faces in his era most people were born education was bad and We were pretty much under US occupation with the King's blessing. The day he died we danced and singed because we knew, Abdullah is now here.
    Buy old folk food ingredients and help her get to the mosque each day for traweeh prayer buying wheel chairs and stuff. Also some home decorations.
    I am with my grandmother in turkey to help her prepare for Ramadan (my grandmother is Turkish)
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