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  • Pfft I don't agree with what BlackEagle is writing either but hey at least he is going up against people who are insulting my country and my people so I got to back him up.

    I am sure you are like me. A person who is defending his nation and people even though he doesn't quite like how things are going there but he can't help but to defend it. Which is why I wanted to talk to you.
    Oh Abii there I go thinking of having a civilized conversation with you and here you go doing your thing. Frankly I am not surprised.
    Hello bro,hope you have a great time.
    Zionist K and I are not going to come to this forum for a bit more than 2 months.We should study for university entrance exam.Pray for us!Good bye.
    در مورد پیغام دیروز معذرت می خوام
    فکر می کنم این عربا قضیه رو جدی گرفتن
    معلوم هست چی میگی اسپمر خودتی که هر ثانیه بن میشی
    اون بیچاره این مدل رو از روی اون ماکت هایی که توی رِِژه نمایش داده شده بود ساخت
    واقعا که
    یک ساعت پیش باهاش تلفنی حرف زدم
    می گفت وقتی پیغامت رو خونده قلبش تیر کشیده
    اصلا انتظار نداشته

    Man beshen private message mizanam fosh midam.
    ye moshteh koonie hastan, man beshoon mekhandam.
    khdeto asebani nakhon bashoon.

    arabe soosmar khor adam nist.
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