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  • I love histroy in general, especially histroy of countries in the region.

    Egyptian histroy is very facinating, but very long, and goes thru many periods, its hard to keep track of it sometimes, unless you grow up studying it, and learning about it.
    Just finshed watching the documentry, was great, very informative!! Thanks for sharing. i am always glad to learn more about Iran.
    Thank you again for the million time, loved the map you sent me. I will def. watch the video and let you know what i think about it.
    Thank you agian and again. You guys should post those things somewhere online. I tried to read about it before i asked you, and it wasn't as clear as you explained it to me. So, bascially Persia or Persian is a city/tribe/people that is part of greater Iran. How about the population of Iran now ? can you actually distinguish between an Iranian based on his/her orgin wether its Arabic, Azari, or Parsi ? I am sorry if i am bothering you by my questions, i am just very interested in Iranian history.
    Thank you so much, i had an argument with my friend the other day that you guys always called yourself Iranians, because i saw some Iranian guy posting this on here before, but i didn't know the whole story behind it. Thank you so much again. Do you know why are you guys called Fari(Persians) in Islamic history ? It might have been influnced by the Greek, then the Romans. Thank you in advance.
    How are you brother ? I have a question for you, and i need you to explain something to me. Why is it called Iran not Persia ? What is the difference between Iran and Persia now and historic wise ?
    لینکشو بهم بده
    من به صفحه های اینشکلی اعتماد ندارم
    تو پستم هم زدم
    اگه اینطور که تو میگی باشه منم طرف حرف تو هستم
    بعدشم اگه یه بار دیگه به ملیتم توهین کنی بحث هایی رو اینجا شروع میکنم
    که خودم اصلا دوست ندارم اینجا پخش بشه
    خب که چی مثلا ؟
    یعنی تو واقعا فکر میکنی ایران رو صلاح هسته ای کار نمیکنه؟
    من میگم همه چیز داره علیه ایران پیش میره
    اگه ریگی به کفشمون نیست و میخوایم همکاری کنیم
    چرا اینقدر این دست و اوندست میکنیم؟
    I see well again. This is not the best source to claim objectivity either.

    The political/religious reality of the middle east is complicated. I mean REALLY complicated and all of the things you say represents one of the extremes on one side and not the reality of the situation.
    True he said those Shias are killing Sunnis in Syria and stuff like that.

    Looking at the things you are interested in and you are following it is quite apparent that you should not claim objectivity regarding anything. The things you are following are no different than those religious extremists sources. Not one bit. Which makes you no different that them.
    Oh would you look at that. The title on contained Wahhabi and you were quick to drool over it.

    He was only there saying that Egypt can not stand watching regrading Syria and such and apparently the Assadi guy who uploaded it showed his true self. In the description he keeps saying "This Kafir Wahhabi" and stuff like that. So apparently in order to be a Muslim you have to worship Assad now. And again you show that you are a big sack of ignorance.
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