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    Google to introduce US$50 smartphone that users can customise

    Google’s ambitious modular smartphone concept, an attempt to disrupt the market dominated by Apple and Samsung, could be available in January 2015 for as little as $50. Paul Eremenko, Google’s Project Ara head, told attendees of its developer conference that the modular device is scheduled to...
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    Pinterest Emerges As Unlikely Google Competitor

    and women are more than men in world!
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    Pinterest Emerges As Unlikely Google Competitor

    There are now nearly one billion “Place Pins” on Pinterest, the company said in an email Monday. And with that announcement, Pinterest moves one step closer to becoming a true search engine alternative to Google. Now, Pinterest’s Place Pins aren’t going to replace Google Maps anytime soon—or...
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    Erdoğan hologram inspires laughter, satire

    Call it the “Erdoğram.” On Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a larger-than-life appearance in İzmir, when — unable to attend a party meeting in the Aegean city — he beamed into the conference hall as a 10-foot-tall hologram. The event made national and even global...
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    Adnan Sami told to leave India

    The MNS Film Wing chief Amey Khopkar called Sami, 44, to the party office in the afternoon and spoke to him for over an hour. “We summoned him after getting complaints from various quarters that his visa had expired on October 6 and that he was staying in India illegally,” Khopkar said soon...
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    Putin: NSA whistleblower Snowden is in Moscow airport

    The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has revealed that the surveillancewhistleblower Edward Snowden is indeed in a Moscow airport, ending a global guessing game over the US fugitive’s whereabouts. The admission reversed days of Russian obfuscation and came just hours after Putin’s foreign...
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    Nitaqat KSA brings down cost of hiring expats

    Businessmen estimate that the residency correction period has helped save companies SR 10,000 on each foreign worker. This involves the cost of new visas, travel costs and recruitment fees. According to official Labor Ministry figures, the status of 1.5 million foreign workers has been rectified...
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    Headscarved women new targets of anti-Islam groups

    Headscarved Muslim women are increasingly becoming targets of persons with Islamophobic sentiments in France, with the number of racist attacks against them rising dramatically in the last two months, according to observers in the country. Several of the attacks on headscarved women covered by...
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    1.58 million expats correct status in KSA

    More than 1.58 million expats in the Kingdom have changed their residence and work status during the amnesty since April, the Labor Ministry said while disclosing plans to Saudize 600,000 jobs in the retail trade sector. “A total of 1,581,227 have benefited from the correction process during...
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    France, Spain Take Action Against Google on Privacy

    France and Spain led a Europe-wide push on Thursday to get U.S. Internet giant Google to change its policies on collecting user data. News that the U.S. National Security Agency under the PRISM surveillance program secretly gathered user data from nine U.S. companies, including Google, to...
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    Facebook glitch exposes info of 6M users

    Facebook says a glitch may have exposed portions of the personal contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, of roughly 6 million users. In a statement posted Friday, the social network says the bug is tied to uploading contact lists or address books, which are used in...
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    Samsung unveils two new tablets

    yes, but drop in prices is very fast for samsung products, it is following nokia techniques in price drop
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    Samsung unveils two new tablets

    Out of London comes news of two new Samsung tablets, the ATIV Q and the ATIV Tab 3. Both run Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, but the convertible Q also runs Android, specifically version 4.2.2 or Jellybean. Samsung says you’ll be able to access Android apps via Google Play and transfer...
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    Saudi Crackdown on Illegal Firms Threatens Thousands

    Saudi Arabia’s years of economic growth have been good to Abu Ahmad, an Egyptian ceramics worker in the city of Medina, who since 1997 has run his own business installing tiles and marble floors in new villas. But after spending 16 years building up his company, the father of four now fears...
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    China army newspaper hits out at PRISM

    CHINA’S official army newspaper has branded the United States internet surveillance program exposed by former spy Edward Snowden as “frightening”, and accused the US of being a “habitual offender” when it comes to network monitoring. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily on Sunday hit out...

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