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    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    a mock up of Z-9 being used to test deck handling of helo on the flight deck and the hanger. This means that we will be going for the Z-9 for this platform as well.
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    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    More expensive for an Air force the size and budget of PAF to keep dedicated ground attack aircraft that are good only when you have complete air superiority over the battlefield. PAF in its war planning discounts complete air superiority on the battlefield as it would be hard to achieve vs a...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    No buddy I did not contradict myself, I am in this post, outlying what needs to be done on our side and on the US side. The real issue is still how India will play out its cards if Pakistan fold under pressure. I still believe, it wont happen as containment of China is a bigger issue than...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    If we want release of F-16, access to retired/stored airframes or third country stock we will need to offer some kind of carrot to the US. These days, reportedly, US is looking for air bases close to Afghanistan to launch drone missions if need be. Now if we do agree to it, than the questions...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Buddy I am all in favor of getting high tech from US as it brings best of what is out there and the best training too. People here will not agree with me but that is the God's honest truth. But I don't see it happening. Case in point is AH-1Z, engine export certification of Atak, transfer of...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Yasser (If that is your name) the game is no longer this simple. If this was the on the table, GoP would have played along easily. But to me, it seems, things are not so much in black and white anymore. Our neighbors in the east know how to bargain and if they are out destroy Pakistani inroads...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Great Plan!! Small problem though, US is not ready to play ball or finance/underwrite any Pak acquisition of US weapons.
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    Pakistan Armed Forces (Here we come) [HD] - By Vasef Mudeer

    Stunning work as always!!!!! Just a little tweaking needed the signoff "Here we come" the "we" needs to be in a different color or a lighter shade of Maroon or red used so that it stands out against the dark background. Keep up the great work. you rock!!!!!
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    Pakistani Navy going through a serious buildup

    Huh??? Much needed focus on Navy?? 27,600 tons of Surface Combatants are added or being added by 2024! Your insatiable appetite for more is never whetted....:)
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    Featured Pakistani Navy confirms Brazilian jetliner will replace Orion patrol aircraft

    MAD/SAD on P3C is employed at a max height of 1,000 Ft. The optimal height is 300 ft. An engine failure at that height, albeit one out of the four, can have a catastrophic effect. A must read for those who want to know about the operation of a P3C...
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    Featured Pakistani Navy confirms Brazilian jetliner will replace Orion patrol aircraft

    PAF did not install bomb bay doors on its C-130 during the 1965 war, they just pushed bomb's mounted on pallets through the aft cargo hatch.
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    From The Vault

    Sir I humbly submit that this is not a pic of 1998. PAF was not using this color scheme on C-130's at that time. The low visibility color scheme came in to vogue with re-ferb C-130's received after 2001 from US. Furthermore, these F-16's seem to belong to Arrows who were, If I remember it...
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    Featured US greenlights Turkey-made attack helicopter sale to Philippines but not for Pakistan?

    The reason green light was not given is not the reasons given in various posts, but it was due to sensitivities of the new bride in bed, India. Otherwise engine and systems on board the FADEC-controlled Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C turboshaft engine on AW 139 is also, to some extent, sensitive...
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    PAF to get land in Nasirabad for air base

    Even USA is encouraging "Joint Bases" to cut down costs of operations and Stand Up costs for a new base and its ancillary facilities. PAF should look up and see if Turbat can be made into a feasible fighter base which is already being used by the Navy. Atleast the cost of building and...
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    PAF to get land in Nasirabad for air base

    We cant put all our eggs in one basket whether it is the Chinese or the American basket. We as a nation tend to play zero sum games.

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