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    Air Defence System On Air Defence Unit

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    Pakistan Army APC Inventory

    issue is our budget, we can not afford to equip our army with these modern techs therefore we are relying on these ww2 era machines and the little modern machines we have are kept safe for the hard times
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    Pakistan Army APC Inventory

    Pakistan need a descent latest design and technology based MRAP in it's inventory, we'll become a vintage army if we fail to develop a descent tank or MRAP for ourself it is the need of this house to minimize the casualties in balochistan and fata
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    I WILL EXPOSE EVERYONE | Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar Blasts bureaucracy

    his speech reminds me of my teacher who left the civil services during his training and he told us that he saw three bells placed on different sitting positions for the officer so he dont have to reach the bell, he became a professor instead to teach the youth what they should behave when they...
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    Pakistan’s hybrid regime buying time before its downfall

    such a pathetic and selfish piece, based on mere assumptions and harsh criticism. not even a single proof or document or reference was given to make the argument strong enough to make me read more then 2 paragraphs. let the fools speak and we must fight this propaganda back
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    LOC Hot Tonight

    Y You are right, i work in a garrison and i have seen many things even the movement of high tech missile system to foreign delegations but never shared that because of the threats we are facing today
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    NADRA has apologized to Hafiz Hamdullah for cancelling his CNIC, claims Hafiz Hussain Ahmed

    Dear Chief Justice Of IHC I read your remarks "Can you doubt the citizenship of the husband of a mother who sends her son to sacrifice himself for the country?" don't you know anything about russian spy families in america and how their children joined the US forces JUST TO SPY!!??
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    Azadi march heading toward its end

    Things are getting worse for fazl Ur rahman, he will go back with a defeat on his hands. He doesn't have any legitimate agenda or legitimate affair on his hands to hold the crowd or to attract the opposition, the PPP and PMLN knows after getting defeated in their own mainlands that they can not...
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    LIVE | PM Imran Khan Historic Speech at United Nations

    a little joke from me, i hope they like it
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    Where are 5 remaining AMRAAMs

    you are talking about the amraams, it took them a month to find their crashed army plane :rofl:
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    PM Imran Khan Complete Speech at an event Co-hosted by Pakistan & Turkey | President Erdogan present

    this is what we needed, someone who can defend us and eradicate the false news. He is the leader and if we close our eyes on him, we'll have no one to go to.
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    Lets starts together to clean Pakistan from enemies (Afghans).

    I would like to share something on this, kind of a public opinion on this same topic
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    PTM terrorists opened fire on security personnel in North Waziristan

    this guy is my batch mate, we trained together, also my room mate. he is a very honest person may ALLAH bless him
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    PTM terrorists opened fire on security personnel in North Waziristan

    we need a wet chitar for them, we need to take them to courts, to the police stations in chains and grabbed by the collar so they know what IZZAT KIA HOTI H
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    Biker's Lounge

    this is the honda cb1000r uk version

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