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    ASEAN states should follow Indonesia, invoke Hague ruling vs China – Carpio

    Keep dreaming guys. ASEAN is mostly for economy. If everyone is really care about everything inside the region, we would already solve some major issues including the Rohingya refugee, Indonesian action in West Papua...And the list go on. Most ASEAN have their own internal problem. Good luck to...
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    Hong Kong protests l Updates, News & Discussion

    Not sure how mainland going to respond. HK people themselves destroy their own society. State of emergency?
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    The Philippine president says China's Xi threatened war if Philippines drilled for oil in S.C.S

    The best way is for both countries to form joint oil exploration, drilling and production companies to share the resources inside the claimed area. Just make sure the resources are allocated fairly and use wisely to prevent mismanagement by some selfish politicians (and their connection) from...
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    Basuki found guilty of blasphemy – Jakarta’s governor jailed

    It is going to be moderate Muslim vs extremist. However, just like most of the majority Muslim countries, moderate Muslim can't voice to loud as others will see them as anti Muslim. So good luck...
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    Xinjiang Province: News & Discussions

    There are multiple Muslim ethnics in China, so far only one group has problem recently....
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    Xinjiang Province: News & Discussions

    The problem is you, not them. Because some Muslim always thinking about themselves and their religion, it is obvious that China using these for their internal security, which got nothing to do with outsider. Before u say Muslim are all brothers, why don't u sit down and think how to help those...
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    China Hong Kong SAR: News and Images

    Mainland got too much cards in their hand. HK is not going away. By improving the standard of Pearl River Delta region, HK status will reduce significantly as mainland will get stronger day by day, more HK people will go mainland for whatever opportunity. Young people are more naive. When they...
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    Why it’s time the Indian media ended its war on China

    Well, from outsider view, India don't always shown on China's news unless some major thing happened. Even for the border issue, usually is Indian newspaper started it, and Chinese news will use that as reference until Chinese foreign ministry say something. Just like the issue with US at SCS...
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    China’s think tanks overflow, but most still think what they’re told to think

    In China, you can't directly oppose to Gov policy (especially the major one) openly. I do believe majority think tank are member of CPC, so internal discussion is sufficient. More discussion should be published on news for those who are interested to read. I think they still need to control the...
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    Malaysia buys Navy vessels from China

    Malaysia got no many choices, due to smaller budget and weaker currency, of course Chinese goods are more value for money.
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    Malaysia Bersih 5.0 current political scene

    I think the the event has been hijacked (indirectly) by the opposition. The government will keep convince the 'village' people that the opposition has use the NGO for their own political purpose. Also, the opposition has failed as they couldn't form a shadow government.
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    100,000 deaths due to forest fires in Indonesia: study

    Been talking about these issues for years, yet everyone who are in power don't really give a shit, no effective solution has been proposed. All only focus on their short term interest and secure their political power. The people (majority) are even worst, don't care about their environment...
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    How Indonesia’s pribumi elite view the ethnic Chinese today

    1. Some pribumi will always see other ethnic group as outsider. Same thing happen in Malaysia. Deep inside them, the country is belong to them and others should **** off. 2. Race card is good tool in political game. Like we previously saw in another thread which already been closed. 3...
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    China’s disregard of PCA ruling may damage its image: RoK expert

    From history, we all knew that China don't give a shit about these.... Some Western media always China will lost face these and that, they can keep crying.
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    ASEAN breaks deadlock on South China Sea, Beijing thanks Cambodia for support

    Some ASEAN countries can keep crying but nothing will change. The dispute in spratly islands which claim by Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Philippines, we can't even settle among ourselves and someone try to counter China? Keep dreaming... All are third world countries with third world mentality...