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    Obsvously corrupt Khamenai regime killed one of their own once again. Its funny so many murders in center of tehran and NEVER can find ANY traces.
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    Featured Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, Met Crown Prince of KSA

    Original Iranians were Europeans, modern look like this: That explains a lot ur fixation and obsession with the europeans and inventing silly genetic studies wont help u. The dominant haplogroup in Iran is Semitic J. Ironically Ashkenazi Jews dominant haplogroup is also J.
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    Featured Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, Met Crown Prince of KSA

    The original Iranians (like Darius) came from Europe. Modern Iranians however have very little of them. Thats why u have an inferiority complex towards the Europeans. Anothe irony that you whine about Palestinians in Jerusalem which live much better than average Iranians and in same time you...
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    Featured Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, Met Crown Prince of KSA

    In your dreams. You shed crocodile tears about Palestinians in Jerusalem who live perfectly and in same time support gassing, slaughter, torture and starvation of Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria.
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    Featured Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, Met Crown Prince of KSA

    * Arab countries provide BILLIONS of aid to Palestinians. * Iranian shia militias slaughtered, gassed, tortured and starved to death tens of thousands Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria. Do you condemn these actions?
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    U like to invent nonsense. For example in case of Assad i always said the opposite: that he will not fall soon. I said he is a walking dead and I am still saying it. Yalla send ur Bavar or whatever in Syria. We need some target practice.
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    Israel strikes targets in Syria after discovery of IEDs in Golan Heights

    They will retaliate vs Syrian civilians as usual.
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    Foreign Minister of Bahrain in Israel Occupied Jerusalem

    Survival to age 65, male (% of cohort) West Bank and Gaza 78% World 74% Pakistan 69% https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.DYN.TO65.MA.ZS
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    Security officials worry Israel and Saudi Arabia may see the end of Trump as their last chance to go to war with Iran

    Nothing will happen. Khamenai regime is good for Israel. It destroys Arab countries and pushes other close to Israel.
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    Featured Al Qaeda’s No. 2, Accused in U.S. Embassy Attacks, Was Killed in Iran

    Iranian regime supports many Sunni terrorists such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, former president of Sudan Bashir and so on. Iran and Al Qaeda are also their friends:
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    Terrible bread crisis in Assad aka Khamenai controlled Syria. They expelled 13 million people from homes into streets for sake on inbred dictator but still cant feed the renaming.
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    Khamenai are Putin mercenaries bombed Ariha town killing several children. Its not enough for them that they slaughtered and displaced more than 12 million. They want slaughter more.
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    Israeli army destroys entire Palestinian village in Jordan Valley

    A "village" with portable toilets?
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    You are judging Israelis according to urself. Come to any Israeli hospital anytime and u will see plenty of Muslims there. Rubbish propaganda. He is just pensioner and al qaeda is a myth. The only one who makes genocide is u. You slaughtered and ethnically cleansed over 12 million people.
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    Evil Al Qeadea in Israeli hospitals: Its amazing that Kahemanists who slaughtered and kicked from their homes more than 12 million people are angry at Israel who treated in hospitals some of them. They want them to die too. Quick reminder: 12 million people, majority of them children were...

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