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  • Good to know you are there friend. You will find a very receptive and friendly environment there.
    xin chào, tôi là người bạn của Việt Nam, bất cứ khi nào u cần giúp đỡ trong diễn đàn này, chỉ cần gọi tôi bye bye
    Guess most of the politicians these days receive their cheques from outside for selling their countries out. At least in your country, your people have the courage to fight back. Here even that is killed by pseudo-liberals present in media and other influential areas. This government has turned India from an ancient warrior country to a spineless boneless backyard of all foreign powers.

    Thanks for your information on tourism. I am more of a forest and river type of person rather than beaches. There was a program done in Nat Geo about Mekong river but I did not organize it since a former colleague of mine did that. Having seen Mekong belt on TV, I would definitely love to visit the paddy fields near the river.

    You're welcome here anytime. Since we have all 6 seasons in India, you can visit anytime of the year to enjoy something or the other new depending on where you want to go inside India.
    How is everything in Vietnam? I have always wanted to visit Vietnamese side but only managed to visit upto Cambodia due to my work nature. When is the best time for tourism in your country?
    Thanks for the accepting, man. Yeah here it is going okay, except for a very corrupt government that is currently looting our country worse than the British Imperialists did in the last 250 years. And the funny thing is, very few people want to violently resolve this.
    Trên HSO bàn bạc chỗ nào vậy?? Khi nào có chỗ khác nhớ báo cho tui biết với :))
    thọt cái gì, chú cứ hay lăn tăn chuyện human right, tớ là nắm rõ nhất âấy vấn đề này mà, bọn nó thích cãi cùn thì cho nó biết thế nào là trùm sò HSo :))
    Thua cai gì, cai FB thi thay DNS la xong, sao lại nói vớ vẫn hử ??
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