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Temporary F-5

Temporary F-5 (In 1965 war)

Temporary F-5
hassan1, Jul 3, 2006
    • melb4aust
      Does Pakistan have or had F-5 tigers as well.
    • Owais
      PAF had F5??
      I don't think soo!!
    • air marshal
      Come On Yaar! No F-5 placed in PAF Inventory but A-5 Fantan at Peshawar Airbase, operated by Spider Squadron.
    • hassan1
      paf use F 5 aircraft only in 1971

      Although these F-5 did not play astretegic role in the conflict, they came to Pakistan as a jesture from Jordanian Air Force for it's close ties with PAF.
      link ( the last painting)

    • melb4aust
      Do they still have them.......PAF
    • air marshal
      Pakistan as a Jesture from JAF for it's close ties with PAF. But means to say F-5 not placed in PAF Inventory in past also in present, but PAF Pilots have Honour to fly it against Israel.
    • Muradk
      yes we had 5 F-5s in 1971 which went back after 2 months they were at sargodha. but non of the plane had pakistani insignia .
    • solid snake
      This is awesome, I never knew the PAF had F-5's.
    • uzi2000
      They were borrowed from the Iranians in 71. kitted in PAK insignia, as were the Sabs and Starfighters from the US. There were some instances that the US insignia i.e. the 'Star' was still visible. My uncle flew a Starfighter in the war with US ensignia against the Indians. Must have confused them a bit.

      As we have agreement with UAE, Saudi to use their aircraft against India. Imagine that. Should scare the bee jessus out of them.
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