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SOLDIER, Dec 22, 2006
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    • EagleEyes
      Nice picture, Umair!
    • PakShaheen
      This has potential for turning into a SSG recruiting poster. Although the guy could use a better looking helmet eh!?
    • EagleEyes
      Perhaps you should suggest people in Pakistan to pay taxes.. :D
    • Keysersoze
      What's wrong with the helmet? All modern helmets look similar to that.
      no matter what appearence soldiers adopt, what matter is their skills to fight against enemy...
    • Silencer01
      A mask or somethin would make up for the helmet, anyways just wonderin since when does Pakistan use american guns? As shown in this pic which seems to be and m-16 or m-4.
    • Moin91
      this gun is m4a1
    • PakMarine
      finally.. the m4.. now if they can only upgrade ther typ 81s wed be set
    • Keysersoze
      Apparently the standard small arms are the G-3's and the type 56 The M-4's are apparently only for special forces use. I don't think the type 81 is in use.
    • Talha Ghafoor
      I think M-4A3 is better than other arms for entire Pak Army.This picture is better but helmet is not soo good.It is not look like U.S Army's helmets.
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