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Najam Khan

JF-17 with refuling probe

Two Pakistan Airforce JF-17 with refuling probes. I think that in future the refuling version of Jf-17 will be like this.The wing is of F-16C. Copyrights: NAjAM

JF-17 with refuling probe
Najam Khan, Jan 21, 2007
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    • falcone
      Nice! Hopefully the probe will be retractable.
    • extinct
      I wonder why the insignias look fake... hmmm... CAUSE THEY ARE... Please people STOP PhotoShopping the photos... jeez!
    • Najam Khan
      @ extinct

      Yes, these are fake...:P

      For sure the refuling version is not produced yet...

      You said stop photoshopping...why????

      Because they are fake or stop making mistakes in photoshopping .??
    • aussie
      they must be fake i thought we lost the project cause those russians wont give us the engines
    • Najam Khan

      I don't think so...my brother is in PAF,he says we are getting them....:)
    • Najam Khan
      I think Thunders will have any Chinese Engine,incase russians won't agree to give engines for Pakistan.
    • aussie
      ive been looking in the news every day and have not heard of the chinese or pakistani responce since russia announced the blocking of the engine. i wonder what is really happening the chinese engine is apperantly 5 to 10 years away. this will leave pakistan in poor shape as indias airforce is modernisng fast.
    • Keysersoze
      No the WS-10 engine is 2 years max away......there have been no statements from the Chinese or Pak govt about this so I don't know where you got 5-10 years away. I suugest you read the following thread
      And learn a little about the topic. there will definately be JF-17's flying on 23rd March
    • Keysersoze
      I meant the Ws-13..........
    • aussie
      if we cant have the jf-17 for at least 2 years and usa congrees threatining to change their mind on the f-16 deal pakistan needs to find a way to produce its own jet engine no matter how much it costs. Whats so hard about making an engine i can work it out
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