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Najam Khan


I made this pic last week,infact first i made LCA very smaller but it doesnot look good...so i made this final product. NAjAM

Najam Khan, Mar 14, 2007
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    • Najam Khan

      I also think that LCA's fate is like their Arjun tank....both never came to service...lol
    • centaurzhere.abdul
      My God,

      Your Post had expressed your Talent. What else can i say lol
    • Najam Khan
      I was recently reading an article on hindustantimes website,where it was written that the LCA's engine will complete by 2009,what do u think will ur airforce accept LCA in their fleet ,even if he will enter service after 2015??? isn't LCA's fate equal to tirshual missile's fate ???...don't u think that afterwasting millions of ruppes and more than 25 years in LCA production,IAF will reject LCA???
    • M1A2
      Wooooooow ! how intresting ,i am enjoying.I hope LCA is able to this. If God's wish.
    • aly
      this pic is my dream pic,
      i wanted to join pak fadiah, bt dew to other reason i couldnt, 1 m 19 years old, canany body tell me ,can i join pak fadiah at age of 19
    • corebag
    • fuzon_tauheed
      Accordin to Wikipedia & Global Security JF-17 will outperform LCA.
    • Keysersoze
      wikipedia is not a good reference......
      and global security does not say that....
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