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Najam Khan


I made this pic last week,infact first i made LCA very smaller but it doesnot look good...so i made this final product. NAjAM

Najam Khan, Mar 14, 2007
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    • hsan_82@yahoo.com
      Yes its going to happend ,We have the fath in ALLMIGHTY. Also keep an eyr on other enrging challengs.
    • evil2doom
      Although I'm all and always for PAF, but this is biasness. Atleast make LCA look good in the picture; and then blow it up !
    • Najam Khan
      Its not gif pic brother...how both things can occur at same time...

      well if you want to see LCA(or a dying LCA) in background i'll make this too...its not difficult..
    • timmy
      Hehehe hahahaha oh man this is the Best!
    • timmy
      Waiting for Part 2 of this photo ;)
    • Najam Khan
      Thankyou all for appreciation,i am thinking to make J-10 VS Su-30 too...;)
    • zeus
      Big blunder , it seems that Thunder was using chaff and flare dispenser ,was it avoiding a missile from lca ?? does thunder have rear mounted missile ?? that was a Lca TD model which will never see any action because it is only for testing ,still good animation
    • Najam Khan
      Yes your point is right,the placement of flares is wrong infact you can say there is another LCA in air,so it is avoiding a missile ..:)
    • centaurzhere.abdul
      OMG, My Goodness Sake. LCA had been Hit by Jf-17 lol.

      Well I Would love to see a real Combat Between LCA vs JF-17 or atleast Have an Air-Exercise between IAF and PAF. The IAF had already shown some Interset in it

      Then you hear the real results.
    • Najam Khan
      BTW when will your LCA come in service...5 yrs..or ten years???
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