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wicked warrior


wicked warrior, Jul 4, 2006
    • Averroes
      target = Arjun
    • MOO
      Bwaha true.
    • Keysersoze
      Yeah wonder how effective it is? Looks bloody heavy
    • EagleEyes
      Quite effective. Blasts a tank like a cake.

      Can also take it on the shoulder.
    • Keysersoze
      Somehow I doubt that is a shoulder launching model. most of this type of Anti-tank systems weight 10-15 kilos per item. (Missle, launchpost and guidance system.) so no way would it shoulder launched.
    • EagleEyes
      Your right, this is not the shoulder version. However, this version is said to be equipped on many armoured vehicles especially APCs.
    • Keysersoze
      Does anyone know what kind of war head this has?

      Single or double?
    • Keysersoze
      I have heard rumours that these have been used against Serbian T84's In Bosnia and easily penetrated the frontal armour of said tanks.
    • Keysersoze
      sorry I meant M84
      this version of the antitank guided missle is 'not' should launched but can be carried in mountain areas unlike the us TOW.
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    Jul 4, 2006
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