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Aviation Cadet Saira Amin

Aviation Cadet Saira Amin

Aviation Cadet Saira Amin, who made history by being the first woman pilot to have won the Sword of Honour in any defence academy of Pakistan.
It is not good . A womane in force ??? Its so bad .Is males are on die !
Yet another dumbass comment........Women have been successful pilots in many air forces. I'll bet she can write better English than you too.........:lol:
One of my jobs is to delete the messages that I find stupid....would you like me to start with yours?
nice to know that pakistani army is tryin to come out of narrow mindedness .she will be an idol for the young girls over there. i pay a salute to her .
Saira Amin is looking very graceful n stunning in uniform.but i don't agree that women havebeen proved successful in forces.women ... both, mentally n physically r not suitable for such a herculean job.anyways best of luck to Saira Amin.

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