SAAB 2000 Erieye

Pakistan Air Force has inducted the first of the four Saab-2000 Erieye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AWAC) aircraft in its fleet.

With this acquisition from Sweden, Pakistan on Tuesday became the second country in the region after India to have inducted the sophisticated surveillance aircraft in its air force.

The aircraft is fitted with the latest technology to detect aircraft flying at high and medium altitudes. With state-of-the-art system, it is also capable of detecting objects flying at lower levels over land and sea at extended ranges. The system is also capable of detecting surface targets over sea.

The Erieye system provides 300 degree coverage and has an effective detection range of only 300 km to 350 km. It uses a pulse Doppler radar with a fixed, wedge-shaped antenna.

“By virtue of these features, Pakistan Air Force would be able to boost its operational capability manifold by achieving requisite early warning for efficient and meaningful air defence of its airspace,” an official statement said.

As compared to Pakistan’s AWAC system, the Indian Phalcon system provides tactical surveillance of airborne and surface targets and helps gather signal intelligence. It is also capable of tracking fighter planes, missiles and ground forces from a distance of 400 kilometres and in all weather conditions.

Pakistan also has plans to acquire four larger advanced warning and control aircraft systems from China, according to agency reports. – Brahmand


    • Dear Dr. Sahib,

      What is the use of military hardware if it to rust or at best used for recreation by the psuedo generals and their American educated kids.
      let me tell your the story of a shotgun that I sold to someone in interior Punjab. As soon as l delivered the piece at the man’s house in the middle of the night a couple of young men dug a meter deep trench in the ground and buried the piece. I was shocked and asked the gentlemen what the hell they bought the shotgun for?
      The reply was that it shall be used against thievesand robbers in due course. You can link the comparison I hope!

    • mr farhaan can u tell us the specification abt this AIRCRAFT I THINK YOU HAVE GOT LOT OF INFO ABT This AirCRAFT i m a PILOT may be i dont know. iwant this inf frm u what tecnology is using in this brand new air craft

    • Sir mr Farhan have no info abt this AIRCRAFT this is the brand new aircraft and only 5 countries are using it with different models the model in this pic is not for the PAk we have got diffrent version of this aircraft it have every advnce option that we need missile jaming mig ll be use less in front of this Air craft easily PAK AIR force can jam their missile system
      even it kan detect lower level target i have the complete movie of this air craft I M A PILOt too and and it can recive data ad send data easily to Command and control center PAK tak 4 from SAAB 1 in reserve and 5 from CHINA they are also good AMRICA is also using this tec still on Mexcico in europe still this tec using and in asia only PAK got this tec it is good for PAK AIRFORCE.

  1. are we looking forward?????
    or imitating our longlife hostile neighbour?

    india got 4 awacs round 4years ago, upgrading from russia previosly.
    our undevelop expense budget rises day by day, even some well developed countries couldnt dreamt.
    arent we need approach to make our country impregnable???

    goodeffort, atleast.

    • tahiri.. I do not understand.. over the last 4 wars that pakistan fought with india (and lost).. all of them were started by pakistan .. not india… so who is hostile here?

      • @ Mohit

        Stop reading you dilutional indian news. India has fought Pakistan in 4 wars and has outnumbered us in every one, yet we still manage a stalemate. Failure to succeed, india then goes on to introduce nuclear weopons into South Asia (despite its numerical advantage). Now you come onto Pakistani related sites, forums and topics. The answer to your question has and is, it is india that is hostile. india has territorial disputes with each and every one of its neighboors. Who has asked for peace and resolution of conflicts (ans=Pakistan). Who has asked to make South Asia Nuclear-free (ans=Pakistan). stick to the facts.

        • mr MOHIT u guys were miss informed by ur INDIAN media UR Generals miss informed the hole nation THe Best example i have for u and ur nation is Mr mohit ur miltary personal day befor yesterd made statement reguarding kargil war and he took this prob in court to challage ur own army GENERAL that they have to redefedine the kargil war becoz ur GENERALS told lie to nation that we won that war this MILTARY personal gave the statement on ur NEWS channel that PAK ARMY FAUGHT well in KARGIL and our GENRERALs HIDE THE TRUTH frm NATION that our INDIAN ARMY is nothing in front of them in KARGIL he CHALLENGED it in ur Court go and serch for that news too every thing u told is a lie

      • Agreed, I think its a step forward, but as we work with this new piece of hardware, im sure we’ll learn from it and take knowledge away.

  2. That’s absolutely great. Now critical low level coverage issue would be resolved. Moreover, early warning of intruders would mean extended reaction time with a befitting response.

  3. passionate says:
    February 7, 2010 at 1:11 pm
    its 19 years old technology…………..but at least we have it…………

    DO you know what is the latest in AWACS tech!
    It is one of the best platforms yet! Phalcon is presumed to be the best but how can one compare when no one is allowed into the tech to check and relate anything with available tech. So i say its just BS. The IAI EL/M-2075 Phalcon is an Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) radar system developed by Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Elta Electronics Industries of Israel. Compare that to The Erieye radar system, is an Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&C) developed by Saab Microwave Systems (formerly Ericsson Microwave Systems) of Sweden. Data makes Phalcon best in the world but has any open source checked or verified the capabilities of Phalcon? I think not!

    • I believe it occasioned the handover of hefty commissions to some brassbags.
      It has been said by an old sage centuries ago that an army of stags led by a lion can beat an army of lions lead by a stag.
      Our previous brassbags coined the concept of ‘strategic depth’ and ruined the country socially, economically and politically by following this foolhardy policy.
      our today’s brassbags are cleaning the fecal outcome of the said policy.
      And 180 Million people suffer….

  4. By looking at the enthusiastic responses of a number of people about this AWACS deal I can presume that despite Pakistani Topbrass complete failure in safeguarding the state interest aka their drastic reversal of policy, their propaganda machine is still spewing steam.
    we need electricity, education. industry and above all we need peace.
    India can never take Pakistan. But if the army’s top brass keeps on playing its games; the time is not far when the state will fall apart like the USSR.
    Not a shot was fired and it fell like a stack of dominoes.

  5. It is a welcomed addition and will significantly boost Pakistan’s capability in managing as well as command and control during times of crisis as well as peace. And most of all, its loonng overdue! but kudoos to the airforce.

  6. AWACS will increas Pakistan Air Force Power But that’s not our Destiny. We will have to do lot more, we have no other option exept to be best.

  7. Screw u pakis u guys think u guys are so tough im muslim and my hindustan beats you guys in all three wars not to mention bangladesh also shares the same hatred that my mother india hates for you guys u guys are noting but wussies who kill innocent people like in the war in the 1970’s to prevent east pakistan from forming its own country look it upif u think im lying.


  8. WOW a nice entry to the PAF hope Pakistan could make similar of its own kind or at least in resemblance and increase its production day by day . Drones aren’t better they are without pilot and can fire missile too while can detect very precisely from a long distance which are used in waziristhan ? GOD BLESS YOU ISLAMABAD KARACHI PESHAWAR LAHORE QUETTA I LOVE YOU MY MOTHER LAND PAKISTAN MAIRE JAN

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