A drone unmanned aircraft of Pakistan crashed at the southern city in Karachi last Tuesday but no damage was reported on the ground according to naval officials and the police.

“It was a Pakistan Navy UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and it was on a routine training sortie when it was hit by a bird,” said Pakistan navy spokesman Commander Salman Ali.

The drone or UAV is being used for surveillance, photography and reconnaissance by the navy. The aircraft later was identified as the Uqab UAV.


  1. earliear american drones were killing pakistani people by bombing ,now pakistani drones would kill the pakistani people by crashing(lol)

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  4. To all pakistani brothers. Brothers, dont turn ears to the people who are commenting on our technolory. Just concentrate on the work and do as much as you can. Our enemies are trying to make us busy in rubish discussion.

  5. Crashes happen specially UAV, but it’s good to see that Pakistan Army , Naval and Air Force are keeping up with the technology and surveillance,as a Pakistani, I am proud of my Pak Army, with very limited resources they always did something which cannot be imagined.

    UAV UQAB was suppose to be upgraded so it can take the payload of missiles I hope they are done with it, rest no causality by this crash, so far thing to worry about.

    Farhan Imaan.

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