Pakistan is planning of buying six more submarines with options for joint development of future submarines with China. The reason for that is, because Pakistan is seeking for ways to strengthen its under-sea warfare capabilities.

For now it is unknown what the class of the submarines is, but according to anonymous information Islamabad required an advanced under-sea vessel with air independent propulsion (AIP) system. This system will give the submarine the capability of staying submerged for longer and operating noiselessly.

The federal Cabinet of China was asked by the Defence Ministry to approve the purchase of the submarines in order to counter the “rising threats” for Pakistan. At the moment the Pakistan Navy has five active diesel electric submarines and 3 midget submarines. The submarines include Agosta-90b which are going to be equipped with MESMA AIP system, and Agosta-70.

Pakistan’s Defence Ministry informed the Cabintet for the force imbalance in the country’s Navy when it comes to the number of ships and submarines used in the fleet. The Navy is planning to acquire six AIP conventional submarines which will be able to operate in multi-threat environment under tropical conditions. After this deal is approved, the Pakistan Navy and China Shipbuilding and Offshore Corporation are expected to sign a contract for the joint development and production of submarines.

The “urgent naval requirements” aren’t discussed for the first time as they were an issue discussed by President Asif Ali Zaradari during his visit to China in 2009. This problem was also discussed during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visitation to Pakistan in December 2010.

The Naval Headquarters are pursuing the purchase of submarines from Chinese authorities due to the fact that they will receive full firm support for the submarine project. According to the proposed contract, four submarines will be manufactured at a Chinese Shipyard while the other two will be constructed in Pakistan.

The Co-development will not only include projecting and manufacturing, but also training of Pakistani personnel, upgrades of Pakistan Navy’s shipyard and other things. At the moment Pakistan is finalizing a deal of inducting 36 J-10 fighter aircraft from China in a deal which has an estimated worth of over USD 1.4 billion.
Islamabad and Beijing are also collaborating to build an advanced fighter — JF-17 or ‘Thunder’.


  1. The statement : “… China was asked .. to approve the purchase of the submarines in order to counter the “rising threats” for Pakistan.” SINCE Pakistan faces NO THREATS leave alone RISING THREATS this statement of lies/delusion IS a dead give away that CHINA and PAKISTAN are ganging together to HIT AT indiA, indiA baiters that both are (China Godless communists and pakistan an Anarcy of “so called Islamic Muslim Jihadis”. Just PRAY that :”like the European Union with single Euro currency” there be a common BHA-RATH (Chariot of Knowledge / wisdom) encompassing Afghanistan, Pakistan, india, Tibet, Bangaldesh, Shri-Lanka, Maldivies, Maynamar Burma Living in Humane cohesion in Eternal Peacce

  2. Hi,I just found this info about name bharat, it is great see

    “Bha” means Light and Knowledge,
    “rata” means “Devoted”.

    Bharat means “devoted to light as against darkness”. The name “Bharat” was symbolic in nature revealing the fact that the whole country was highly enlightened spiritually.

    “There is an important thing that we
    must understand today and that is the
    word Bharata is not narrowly confined
    in the context of any one particular
    country or a particular group of people.
    In future and as time goes on, you will
    be able to recognise the truth that the
    word Bharata relates to the entire
    –Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Discourse,
    Brindavan, 1974.

    Inshallah(God willing) there will be great change in future. We love to see unity and true bliss. Peace for all.

  3. I’m proud of PAK-CHINA Friendship. Yes, Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral NOMAN BASHIR Sahab Congratulations for Such a Great….!!! Joint developments with d/f countries. like Submarine, Fast Attack Craft, Frigates, U-214 Submarine & so on…. and we must add some extra ordinary features of Agosta-90B in Yuan Class Submarines of Joint development by Pak-China so, that i will be more & more advanced submarine. keep it up V.Good
    pakistani defence forces are extremely professional than any force of the world and it’s proved.

  4. well,good to see pakistan’s old ally helping in conventional submarine construction,but what about nuclear subs,that india is going to have,.well dushman ka dushman dost hota hai,long live china & pakistan’s dostana exactly like abhisekh bachan & john abraham

  5. I proud That I am Pakistani and I proud that we are atomic country.
    Insha Allah I will join Pakistan Army and I will Strugle to be a good soldier.

  6. It good that Pakistan is going for Chinese Submarines but what is the status of German U-214 and French Marlin Submarines? Is German and French Deals Cancelled?

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