Two Small Tanker Utility Ships (STUS) named Madadgar and Rasa-Dgar were commissioned in the Pakistan Navy last Tuesday, while the PNS Alamgir has been formally inducted to the fleet of the Pakistan Navy in a ceremony that was impressively held at the Dockyard of the Pakistan Navy.

Admiral Noman Bashir was present for the occasion and was the chief guest. Other officials of Ministry of Defence were also there as well as Pakistan Navy’s flag officers, KS & EW senior management and other guests.

The PN Ships Madadgar and Rasadgar are two of the first ships of its class that are being locally constructed by Karachi Shipyard and Engineering works in Pakistan.

Logistic redundancy will be increased by the induction of the two STUS to the fleet of the Pakistan Navy. These technologically advanced crafts have been designed and are equipped with its multi-faceted roles with modern and reliable machinery & equipment.


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