Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft crashed today (June 11, 2008) in northwest killing the pilot on board.

The trainee T-37 aircraft came down near Mardan, a major city 60 kms northwest of Peshawar, capital city of North West Frontier Province (NWFP), said the TV reports.

As aspected officials say that the plane crashed due to technical fault. Like in the past the technical aspects of why the plane is crashed is never released to the media. The Pakistan Air Force however has ordered an inquiry into the causes of the crash.

The T-37 training aircrafts have passed their normal life. Understanding that the first T-37 flight was in 1955. The Pakistan Air Force should be starting to get new training planes, but then again due to the state we are in after the great economic growth our pilots must continue to use these machines with their lips closed because there is no other feasible option.

The pilot is identified as Salman (Samman?) Riaz, a male pilot in the Pakistan Air Force.


  1. So said why we are still using old T.37 our air forec should to go for new aircarft.
    God bless our airforec

  2. Really a sad news for the nation,may Allah bless his soul,Ameen.This is a serious situation and our Govt should take notice of it

  3. May Allah Rest his soul in peace, The brave fighter didn’t leave the aircraft & tried to save it till the end as he know all the conditions. But why our air force is not inducting new K8s, what we made them for?????????? or we can go for better options from our brotherly countries insted of mean westerns

  4. “Salman (Samman?) Riaz”

    This man gave his life to train so that he can safe guard our air space. The careless manner in which you have written his name is exemplar of the respect you show. Kindly alter based on facts.

  5. may allah rest his soul in peace and give sabar to his mother and father ameen ,i think k8 number should be improved and tweet s should be replaced by them ,same goes for other aircrafts also ,but infact paf is doing its best for latest procurement of inffrastructure and hi tech weaponary and of course latest fleet of aircarfts, its our enemies(america)that does not want it to happen ,but we have to dig our way out from this quagmire, bieng only muslim nuclear power we have all the potential s to meet all required challenges bieng faced by our countary lets hope so and pray for bettrment of our feature and may allah bari tallah grant us the required strength to shoulder the hinderances and rectify the gray areas of our pakiland ,great live pakistan ameen

  6. SALAAM! I’m Nabil from Dhaka, Bangladesh. First of all, I pray to Allah for the salvation of the demised soul of our brother Salman. Second, I would like to tell that Pakistan is on the verge of a serious crisis and it is time for the Government of Pakistan to consider a rapid initiative in order to upgrade the Pakistan Air Force not by depending heavily on US aircrafts but appreciating joint programs like the JF-17 and procuring aircrafts like the Russian SU-30. Pakistan must take drastic measures to prevent future threats from potential enemy states and disturbing elements inside the country. May Allah bless the Pakistan Air Force. SALAAM!

  7. It is sorrowful that one of our aircraft is lost with the precious life of a trained soldier. Trainer plane also needs have eject system to save the pilot at least. Sometimes there even has no opportunity to get out to ground. However such incidents though occur rarely in peace time but these must be avoided upto the best end with the upgrading or getting more modern and handy aircrafts.
    It is the translation of a verse of Allama;
    ‘Obviously only those fall who ride in the battlefield’.

  8. Of course our first priority should be to gain new T-37s. We should never compromise on any thing relating to our Army.

  9. SALAM, it’s really sad dat they have forgotten his evry one who’z interested in knowing this shaheed pilot, plz visit youtube n searc for PILOT SAMMAN RIAZ SHAHEED.U’LL FIND OUT ABT HIM, his name is samman not salman…MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

  10. It is very sad. Air force shoud not use old air crafts. it should develop its own aircraft industry. And government should upgrade the air force. So this type of accidents should never take place.

  11. if we love pakistan among our leaders we had to start the modernization programe of our be loved airforce.but our leaders shoud be ____–shamed–___ on thereselves !!11!!11!1111111111111!!!!

  12. this is not happend first time ,this happens often ,but the need of time is to introduce new trainer planes ,in order to save our valuable fighter pilots because the asset is a fighter pilot not a plane ,where air force invets million of dollars on purchasing f-16’s they should go for the new trainers as well in order to save our pilots .So in essence we should get rid of T-37 and F-7P’s as well .May ALLAH enter the martyred pilot in JANNAT-UL-FIRDOUS.

  13. may ALLAH bless the pilots soul a place in heaven i love u pakistan live long for ever salute to pak army

  14. may allah place him in jannath, its a great loss for country .accident is accident .so from now on more safety measures should be taken to maintain those old jet fighters.

  15. it was realy a shocking news to the nation that we have lost one of our brave pilot alongwith ab aircraft..i must say that the paf shud replace these T-37 trainig aircraft.

  16. inna lilahai wa inna elaihi rajeon. very why pakistan army still using the t-37 . you must have to do something very quickly this is a big loss for the paf on both the sides( t-37 and the pilot)

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