Four JF-17 Thunder aircrafts over Islamabad.Pakistan Air Force (PAF) now has a total of eight JF-17 Thunder aircrafts. Six more aircrafts were recieved this March while two were recieved last year for the celebration of Pakistan Day during the same month.

All of the eight aircrafts according to the officials will be used for testing and evaluation purposes for the air force and are not meant to be inducted as of yet. Four or more JF-17 Thunder aircrafts will show up on the March 23rd, Pakistan Day parade.

JF-17 Thunder aircraft is an advanced multi-role light combat aircraft jointly developed by Chengdu and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex under a strategic collaboration project. The aircraft is designed to be cost-effective and can meet the tactical and strategic needs of the Pakistan Air Force, and various other air forces.

The production facilities have been setup for the aircraft in Pakistan. The first batch of 50 JF-17 Thunder aircrafts will be equipped with the Chinese/Pakistani avionics and missiles, while the later aircrafts are to be equipped with more advanced radars and missiles.

France has offered Pakistan its RC-400 radar and MBDA MICA missile for the aircraft. However, rumour suggests that AESA radar of different choices may finally be the later choice of the Pakistan Air Force and the MBDA Meteor missile too is on the cards.

The serial production of JF-17 Thunder has already started and the production capacity would be gradually taken to 25 aircraft per year by 2011.

The Air Cheif Marshal of the Pakistan Air Force has said that about 60 percent of the aircraft’s frame and 80 percent of its avionics would be manufactured in Pakistan by 2010.

Pakistan has begun negotiations with British, Italian, and French defence firms over potential avionics and other systems for the JF-17 Thunder aircrafts.

Pakistan Air Force hopes to induct 150 aircraft into its inventory in the first phase, under an agreement with the Chinese company, and the total induction could go up to 250 aircrafts.

The JF-17 will form the backbone of Pakistan to replace aging Pakistan’s MiG-21-derived Chengdu F-7, Nanchang A-5 and Mirage III/V currently in service which are being crashed at an alarming rate. Just today, on March 18 another Mirage III/V fighter plane has said to be crashed in eastern Punjab province. The pilot of the plane ejected safely and no loss of civilian life or property has been reported on ground

The JF-17 Thunder is said to be the main attractive aircraft for the future of the air forces with different high-med tech packages available. Thirteen countries have so far expressed interest in purchasing the JF-17 aircraft are Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Sudan.


  1. But one thing shoud be clear , Pakistani must work hard to get to the top…….

    Non- Muslims or affried from Pakistan because of its lovely link with Chinese tech…



  2. Pakistan should made the Fifth generation Aircrafts because India and russia is making the fifth generation aircrafts which is not a good sign to pakistanis.We should also made 5th generation planes with the colaborations of china.

  3. JF-17 is going to counter jets like the aging MiGs and other indian high-medium tech aircrafts. but for Su-30 we would need F-16s (upgraded, although even those may not stand a chance against the Su-30) and hopefully a better J-10 with super avionics.
    Indigenous production of high tech aircrafts should be invested into by the Government and the Military. That is the safest and the smartest way to live.

  4. inshaALLAH one day we will be independent in every field, and we will become a strong nation. GOD BLESS MY PAKISTAN

  5. any Idea when Paksitan is about to have first batch of J 10 from China. I checked every where but it just says in early 2009. ????

  6. We are proud of being our identity. Of course, there will be more effective project as JF. I would like to advice all the viewers that please, give the world the best you have.

  7. Assalam-o-Alaikum!
    my brother and my sister every one is talking about the 1st batch of JF-17 but Im excited for the JF-17 ii which will be highly effective and stealthy their design is more beautyfull and can threaten the enemy.

  8. I hav read all the comments given above……….but at the end I wud jst like to say to every person that before giving comment just think that …….Do Pakistan hav so much money to invest for the newer technologies?
    yes I also want that Pakistan should have newer aircrafts like su35,37,mig 29,Rafaele,Euro fighter but is Pakistan capable of building its own workshops for the over hauling of such air crafts?n do Pakistan have such modern technologies to cop with such aircrafts?
    I think for the recent Pakistani Airforce fleet F 16’s n JF 17’s are the best………..

  9. Hello brothers,i from my opinion,J-14 will be our best choose in future,it can fight against with F22,she will protect our country and PAKISTAN.J-10A just a transition.wish pakistan and china’s friendship zindabad!!!chinese brother will be in pakistan forever!!!
    sorry !my english is poor,hope pakistan brothers read clear!

  10. well jf17 is an advanced fighter plane but nothing compared to su30mki(thrust vector control and more hardpoints untill it comes up with block III india will be having superioty against pakistan but the current defence news of india clearlty states that defence arms and the radar technology of india is getting obsolete 52% will be pahsed out by year 2011) , it will be only replacing f-7 fleet and a-5 fleet .. it wud be better if we adopt the habit of only trusting china and not other countries for the transfer of technology . China 5 generation plane will be ready by 2015 so lets hope for it .. besides india is at a down fall (unsuccesful missile test,failure of arjun tank,LCA program being delayed)have brought everyones attention and their capability are being questioned..

  11. this is only a begining whereas wolrd is now going after f-20 raptor ton prove our identity we have to go beyond his airnoticall engeneering holds no importance in our education system we have to produce such engineers for this feild with whome we can make our own copletely own aircraft without anyone`s help

  12. i think we shuld make our aircrafts early aas soon posible we should by FC20 AIRCRAFT ithis its better than f16 and all of us aircrafts we should be make like su30 and euoro fighter type aire crafts

  13. we are proud of our airforce pakistan airforce zinda bad ithe we need not more aircrafts cose battele is not won with weapons and machines we will won war with the help of our great allah inshallah

  14. hi salam guys we shoul make aircrafts which compairs with su 30 mki jf17 is good but we should make better kike fc20 type aircrafts and i pray that we wil go fast as compair india and chaina is help us for better weaponery as compair with india


    (01) FC20 36 on order
    (02) F16 block 52+ 24 on order
    (03) F16 AM/BM 46 on order
    (04) JF17 thunder (250)
    (05) F7-pg (55)
    (06) mirage upgraded rose program 127 for naval sport
    (07) saab 2000 05 on orders earlly warning & controle
    (08) ZDK-03 AEW&C joint production of PAK-CHINA
    (09) Ilyushin IL-78
    Airborne Refueling Aircraft 4 on orderd
    (10) Lockheed Martin C-130B/E (24) transport aircrafts
    (11) CN-235 (04)curent transport aircrafts
    (12 ) K-8 Karakorum(60) trainer

  16. Chengdu FC-20[65] 36 Advanced Multirole & Air Superiority
    Lockheed Martin F-16 C/D Block 52+[ 24 Advanced Multi-Role
    Lockheed Martin F-16AM/BM 46 Advanced Multi-Role
    PAC JF-17 Thunder[67] 250 Advanced Multi-Role
    Chengdu F-7PG/T Skybolt-G 55 Interceptor
    Dassault Mirage ROSE Upgrade 138 Naval and Ground Support
    Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C 5 Airborne Early Warning & Control
    ZDK-03 AEW&C 5 Airborne Early Warning & Control
    Ilyushin IL-78 Airborne (Refueling Aircraft 4 Airborne Aerial RefuelingTanker)
    Lockheed Martin C-130B/E 24 Medium-Lift Transport
    CN-235 4 Light-Lift Transport
    K-8 Karakorum 60 Intermediate Jet Trainer

  17. pakistan airforce
    Attack Q-5, Mirage 5
    Fighter F-7 Skybolt, FC-20, F-16 Fighting Falcon, JF-17 Thunder,Mirage III
    Helicopter Alouette, Mi-17
    Interceptor F-7PG Skybolt, Mirage ROSE-I
    Reconnaissance Mirage-IIIRP
    Trainer K-8, King Air, MFI-17, MFI-395
    Transport CN-235, C-130

  18. i want to say that we shall proud our air force the war can’t win by weapons but if we have a good and latest weapons we all negotiate with other countries better manner so i urge all of my authorities that they should get j 10, f 18
    and we should also work on anti missile defense system

  19. I love my Army and specially AIRFORCE i always wished to join it but unfortunatlly i can’t it because of some problem because i m now abroad but i love my country and our Army and its all catageries i proud it Allah keep our country and army strong and powerful in both things Eeman and weapons and fullfil their all needs Aameen

  20. why we are still lokking for the bloody f-16s,no doubt its a master piece but technology does not end up here,we must go for more advanced aircrafts like J-10. J-11B ,J-XX, sweden’s grippen. eurofighter typhoon,
    they r well equiped with latest technology and will definately decrease our dependability on US.which never had been reliable to us.
    all my prayers for pakistan forces,i wish long live pkistan . aamin.

  21. I think that Pakistan open the import of CNC machine in Pakistan without any duty – and also Banks will pay the amount for importing the latest machines in Pakistan – If Pakistan import the CNC Machines and we build here a lot of factories who cover domestic, international and military requirements, we can lead the world without any assistance – to develop a Aircraft in the Country is very necessary – Pakistan should work on Helicopters, Transport Aircrafts, and Military Aircrafts but all these things required the tools, machinary and trained people – so we must develop a mechanism to tackle the situation.

    Muhammad Khurram
    General Manager
    Muneeb Book House
    1-Turner Road, Lahore

  22. jf 17 is best progress of pak trying to improve it like f18 f17 f22 mig 29 rafeal and also try to purchased these jets .also purchased f117 B2seprit from us .upgread new f16 try to make it.and spend money on making Jets not purchasing jets .PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD

  23. It is better for pakistani. And INSHAHLAH we strong our AIR FORCE . PAKISTAN AIR FORCE ZINDABAD.
    Nadir Ali Saroya L.L.B. Part 1
    Punjab Univerisy Law College New Campus Lahore

  24. i will ever love to join air force but somehow its not possible !!!!it was ma passion that i gulp!! but never mind!!! i wish that every one having desire to join air force may find his dream fulfilled !!!love u air force !!!n jf -17 thunder !!!! amazin …..

  25. i will ever love to join air force but somehow its not possible !!!!it was ma passion that i gulp!! but never mind!!! i wish that every one having desire to join air force may find his dream fulfilled !!!love u air force !!!n jf -17 thunder !!!! amazin …..but we need to b more united n alert!!!!

  26. Salaam:
    Im Naveed |Sultan from abbottabad, Our Pakistan is now passing the time of his history very full of threats and dangers. We should firmd our poweragainst the our enemies not only our Goverment its every Pakistani duty to firm against terror and non-muslims and too muslims countris those are very dangerous for our country.

  27. Pakistan should need to improve the capability of Air defence by developing own aircrafts like iran has already make his own jet

  28. I am so much proud to be a Pakistani. Because not only its my homeland but also it is blessed with indegonous Army endeavoured by a brave fighters of our Pakistan AirForce and that are going upstream day by day. I wish and pray for the prosperity and solidarity for the country.

  29. we are proud of our airforce pakistan airforce zinda bad ithe we need not more aircrafts cose battele is not won with weapons and machines we will won war with the help of our great allah inshallah

    kamran bhatti
    mobilink office

  30. all my pakistanis brothers i dont know that why r we looking for bloods for eachother……………we did well together against british rule………..& west wants us to fight so that their weapons can sell……….come on wake up brothers both of our country r fighting withpoverty letz fight together………………THE FIRRST BATCH OF PAK ARMY WAS FORMED BY NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE WITH INDIAN ARMY IT BECAME INA WHICH SCARED THE BRITISH………..& finally if ur talking about power then india is still the best……………we dont want war but if u want then not even god can help u……………… of luck pak army & PLEASE WAKE UP C THE REAL WORLD WE R BROTHERS & WE HAV DA SAME BLOOD&HISTORY………..ALL DA BEST & I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN & ALSO A PAKISTANI

  31. Bhaijan, our great nation Pakistan is running on donation from US and you are day dreaming!!!! Unless, we stop fooling ourselves by saying terroism against India and Pakistan is no different (by heart), this extreme Islamism would lead us nowhere and our great nation would be divided by US and India….think.. think…don’t just give me emotional retaliation…


        • Have you forget mr indian tiger 5 less then a minut and 5 Indian aircraft shout down by a single Pilot The Great One M.M.Alam
          I think your are dreaming please awake.
          There is nothing in war for any one.
          Make Peacefull envoirment and bring this defence mony in serve of poor peopels to improve their education and leaving standard.
          Say No to War Just Love and Peace

  33. pakistan defence capability is better than that of India.Pakistan has one of the best, most combat ready airforces in the world. They have to; their neighbour to the east is huge, and the two nations, have a long history of hostilities. For Indian war planners, the Pakistan air Force is their worst fear. Pakistani pilots are respected throughout the world, especially the Islamic world, beause they know how to fly and fight

    • who told u paf is better than IAF..????
      India doesn’t consider u a THREAT…OK??????
      u r nothing… Pakistani always think abt the India but India has no time for u…..
      u think that ur airforce can counter IAF with jf-17 & F-16?????? wat the F***
      definitely F-16 are very good… but jf-17…???????
      mig-29s r sufficient for ur so called best fighters “F-16 & JF-17” wat abt Su-30mki??? have u answer for this warbird of IAF?
      soon winner of the MMRCA competition will be inducted in IAF…. have u ever thought of that?

      • Good one
        You are talking obout SU 30mki which is already said by your defance menister that 50% of all our Air Force is already going to scrape due to cruption invole in purchase of Parts for that?
        And your new Light weight Air Craft already give resignation of testing Pilots specially traind for the testing flight after very first test flight.
        Have you knowledge for that?
        Actually no one can win By Pakistani bcz we are loving our country not our life.

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