Four JF-17 Thunder aircrafts over Islamabad.Pakistan Air Force (PAF) now has a total of eight JF-17 Thunder aircrafts. Six more aircrafts were recieved this March while two were recieved last year for the celebration of Pakistan Day during the same month.

All of the eight aircrafts according to the officials will be used for testing and evaluation purposes for the air force and are not meant to be inducted as of yet. Four or more JF-17 Thunder aircrafts will show up on the March 23rd, Pakistan Day parade.

JF-17 Thunder aircraft is an advanced multi-role light combat aircraft jointly developed by Chengdu and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex under a strategic collaboration project. The aircraft is designed to be cost-effective and can meet the tactical and strategic needs of the Pakistan Air Force, and various other air forces.

The production facilities have been setup for the aircraft in Pakistan. The first batch of 50 JF-17 Thunder aircrafts will be equipped with the Chinese/Pakistani avionics and missiles, while the later aircrafts are to be equipped with more advanced radars and missiles.

France has offered Pakistan its RC-400 radar and MBDA MICA missile for the aircraft. However, rumour suggests that AESA radar of different choices may finally be the later choice of the Pakistan Air Force and the MBDA Meteor missile too is on the cards.

The serial production of JF-17 Thunder has already started and the production capacity would be gradually taken to 25 aircraft per year by 2011.

The Air Cheif Marshal of the Pakistan Air Force has said that about 60 percent of the aircraft’s frame and 80 percent of its avionics would be manufactured in Pakistan by 2010.

Pakistan has begun negotiations with British, Italian, and French defence firms over potential avionics and other systems for the JF-17 Thunder aircrafts.

Pakistan Air Force hopes to induct 150 aircraft into its inventory in the first phase, under an agreement with the Chinese company, and the total induction could go up to 250 aircrafts.

The JF-17 will form the backbone of Pakistan to replace aging Pakistan’s MiG-21-derived Chengdu F-7, Nanchang A-5 and Mirage III/V currently in service which are being crashed at an alarming rate. Just today, on March 18 another Mirage III/V fighter plane has said to be crashed in eastern Punjab province. The pilot of the plane ejected safely and no loss of civilian life or property has been reported on ground

The JF-17 Thunder is said to be the main attractive aircraft for the future of the air forces with different high-med tech packages available. Thirteen countries have so far expressed interest in purchasing the JF-17 aircraft are Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Sudan.


  1. pakistan should get either rafale or eurofighter typhoon its worth it i know they are expensive, but we need something like that machine….

  2. We don’t need to buy any aircraft, but we should expedite the process of producing our own, which we can sell as well to support our weapon industry.

  3. Pakistan Should see to most westran advanced air craft Such as Rafeal, Mirage-2009, Uro Fighter, J_13 fighter. Jf-17 is not as much speedy as required. Speed is Only 1800km/h which is not satisfactory. It is enough to replace F-7, A-5 but not Mirage-3/5

  4. I dont know why Pakistan is behind F16 only. why dont we purchase machines like Su30, Mig 29 etc or their equivelents which are also held by Indian airforce

  5. I dont think we can rely upon JF17, J10 or even F16 while combating Su30 and Mig29 of India. So our Govt must consider such aircrafts

  6. pakistan should seek for vixen 500 aesa radar and meteor missile for all the jf-17 required. this radar will eventually be come the sole property of pakistan since euro jet fighter is unlikely to use it. further more vixen 500 equiped jf-17 will take care of itself against future indian 190 odd F-18 super hornet………and how about a euro jet-200 based engine joint venture with germany (MTU) ?

  7. Pakistan should try and develop upon chinese technology, as any technology bought from US and Europe is still prone to sanctions, and thus less appealling to possible customers(such as Iran, Syria, etc). In the short run this may not provide us with 100% radar requirement, but if we can produce a radar system that can give us 70-80% of our requirements then that is much more prefferable as its not sanctionable. The greater number of systems Pakistan manufacture , then the greater the number of servicing carried out by Pakistani firms, which provides jobs, finance and an uptodate skilled force.

  8. i am very much pleased with the progress of new block of F 16 good news hurraaa
    but you know our enemy is purchasing more advanced jets from europe so we should consider buy western jets like RAFAEL I would only prefer this one for our (DHARTI) this will rule into our sky INSHALLAH and will protect us by our dark enemy eyes
    furthermore , we should consider in chinese technology of su 27 (J_11) jets and J10 and after that we should be relaxed for 7-8 years so please i request my jawaan or decision makers please consider about it

  9. Jf-17s are the best machines with pak air force.but still we need to make them more avanced in terms of its speed,accuracy and radar system.anyhow its a good technology which pak air force has at the movement with the help of to make our pak air force stronger we need to add J-10s our air force as well.

  10. J-10A is a good choice for PAF
    despite PLAAF is still depending on Russian to support AL-31F
    Both F-16 and J-10 is enough to duel with MiG-29 from India

    Su-30MKI is focus on Ground attack
    Can also be busted by J-10A and F-16 too
    only with right tactics

  11. There we have hard need of innovation. Because those countries who have enematic concequences not be dependable on the other’s. Like the U.S.A they innovate and invent a new technology. Which is unbelievable and not be seen by anyone i.e F-22 and many newest aircrafts which is use in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    my tension is upon that how long we dependable on the other’s. And when we creat our own tecnology without the help of other’s.
    Suppose any our outer friend country attack on us, Is we use their weapon’s on them??? THats the point to be noticed…

  12. Pakistan should utilize it’s good relationship with china and upgrade JF 17 to a fifth generation aircraft and should try to acquire 600 or 700 JF 17s at earliest so that Pakistan would be quickly in a position to handle present threats. —Simple but desperately needed!

  13. jf:17 is much better then lca and can even counter su30mki this machine takes 1 decade to reserch and enhance its capabilites and to counter su 30 mki.dont go for what papers shows this machine will prove in air you guys will see.this is ideal machine in low cost

  14. How can pakistan become better without a strong economy? we need money to buy good equipments RESEARCH even if we have to eat grass for one thousand years!!!
    i am really sick about india success.

  15. i think pakistan is doing well and it makes me feel good.once i had given the test but i was rejected due to the political reasons

  16. Yes, the jf-17 is a good figthing air craft but the j-10 is much batter than that. do you agree with me.
    Take care of your selves and PAKISTAN.

  17. Pakistan dont need rafale or eurofighter the Fc-20 is better than rafale and eurofighter Pakistan get 10 more jf 17 thunder end of december.

    first sqn of 18 JF 17 thunder will ready to fuck india

    (36) FC-20 better than F 16 Rafale EUrofighter

    (18) F-16 Block 52+

    (46 ) F-16 MLU Upgrade

    (250) JF 17 Thunder

    (60) Mirage Rose Upgrade

    (50) F-7/PG

    (50) A-5

    first 50 JF17 thunder compair to F-16 block 40

    next 100 Jf 17 Thunder compair to F-16 Block 60

    next 100 JF 17 Thunder compait to Rafale Eurofighter FC-20 F-16 SU 35BM….

  19. graet to have more of these aircrafts ,i agree with all the members comments ,great live pakistan great live pakistan air force ameen

  20. Top pawl of the ladder is vacant for the Pakistan air force.
    Pakistan air force must achive the goal given by the Quaid E Azam.

  21. I think that Pakistan build more and more factories to build the aircrafts – if we do it, we can build more and powerful aircrafts – secondly, a subject of “making the aircraft” must be added in our education system from nursery to higher education – if we improve our education system, we can get more results – one thing you remember that “Superior means superior in Knowledge” _ THE BEST EVER ASSET IS THE EDUCATION OF YOUR CHILD” – if we make a generation with advance education systems, the making of a superior airforce is very easy.

    Muhammad Khurram
    General Manager
    Muneeb Book House
    1-Turner Road, Lahore – Pakistan

  22. While alot of good comments have been posted here there are some misunderstandings.
    First and for most jf17 is not better then the f16s well at least not better then block 50/52 as mentioned by someone. When you compare the speed of even the block 40 f16 its faster then (Mach 2) jf17(mach 1.8) but thats due to change with due time as the rd 93d is expected to be installed in the newer ones which should give it a 10 percent increase. With due time you can make this into a good fighter jet by making it lighter and adding better avionics but all planes have their limitations. While I like the JF 17 its should be used to replace our existing old planes fleet and also go into export production so we can research newer planes such as the J10 and J11. I would be nice to be able to manufacture a truly 5th generation plane. But everything takes time and this is the first step and a very important one.

  23. i think Jf-17 thunder is a good plane. its audio system especially its dvd system is outstanding. when we hear a song of film “Main Hon Na” we feel we are in universe.

  24. we love pakistan Airforce……!!! Proude to be a Pakistani
    jf-Thunder 17 was the bst accevment of pakistan…..!! n we hope that pakistan Made the aircraft which beat F-16 advance (n Inshallah V Do)

    Love u Pakistan Airforce….

  25. even you have j10 it needs a better trined professional to driven them…
    better to have trined human resources….

    covering a coutry of bigger land range is not that easy too.

  26. We must give great importance to our new JF-17 but also look for another high tech aircraft like SU-30 or equvalent russian aircraft but also look further cooperation our time tested friend china for Co-build high tech aircraft which will based on this JF-17 aircraft.

  27. we should take turkeys experties in this sector which builds its aircrafts engine and much more and we should took all our friends /their held in this sector to build our own state of the art machine piece by piece. and we should ask china for tech transfer for its j-10 aircraft .

  28. Salam! Qasam us waqt ki jab waqt humko aazmaata hai ….JAWANO Ki zubaan par NAARA -e-Taqbeer ata hai ! ….hey brotherss atleast now v r not beggin foreign countries to uplift the sanctions and give us the required jet fighters! now we can tell em hey sovvie v have our owns……u keep yo tech to yoself……..and its a homemade production and innovations comes with it….research work get betters… long v r gona depend on foreign policy makers to feel pity for pakistan and sell their tech to us…..HEY DUDES!!! if we made F 17 Thunder …hundreds of them…v dont need a missile…..our JAWANS are enough to fly em like missiles and can crash em direct into enemy lol…………thts the spirit and the courage we have for our country…….EVERY ONE OF US.! so believe in urself………and with the time being……..its going to be more better and near to perfection! ……..PAKISTAN ZINDABAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>LONG LIFE PAKISTAN ARMY>>>>>>>ameeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn…..

  29. I wish to convert super Karakurm 8 in to fighter plane at our earliest. No one will give us single fighter except china. Make more stronger collaboration with china.

    Best of Pakistani air force

  30. Pakistanis first improve your economy. Stop begging money from west. Those paper flights you guys make are good for kids. And we all know its a lie that Pakis manufactures some thing apart from stickers to replace the “Made in China”.

  31. Don’t worry pakistan dear brothers, we need chinse aircraft not western, don’t worry china will sply JXX,J-10 advence version ect……..

  32. Pak Air Force, is No.1 in whole world. Its history shows its great achievements.
    We are proud on PAF.
    Love u..

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