On Wednesday, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani stated that his government wants to turn the Pakistan Air Force into a modernized and leading air force of the world.

This statement was made during his conversation with the Chief of the Air Staff Air Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, who called upon Gilani at the Prime Minister’s House. He gave assurance to the Pakistan Air Force’s chief government that he’ll offer complete support to make sure the project, initiated by the air force, will be successfully completed. Qumar Suleman further elaborated about the activities of the operation, and some additional ongoing projects that he PAF has undertaken.


  1. well mr somnathi999 the news says that Pakistan wants to be a Leading Air Force right?? That means they are going to start some new projects.. wow man I’m soooo excited about the new projects.
    Then the US used the stealth helicopters which even india cannot detect right. So wether its Pakistan or India or any other country wont be able to detect the stealth technology. God has His own ways so one of the helicopter came down and the part of the technology is understood by Pakistan and Chinese.
    Coming back to How can Pakistan SAVE A and B from india right??
    Well Pakistan does not allow anyone to hide in its area but humans are clever and can find places any where…. even in india or america.. Secondly india is not america and Pakistan has no deals with india… so india should try this and they will find out soon their asses blown in the border area. I mean why the fu..k you people are not mature?? why..
    india will do this or that… come on grow up … You know very well if you tried to play zig zag with Pakistan what will happen to india.
    Its us Pakistanis who are dealing with americans not you… you would give away the country straight away like u did when britain came in sub continent.
    Well we got a broken helicopter to research on… Now don’t jump up and down that Pakistan is copying the technology.. let me tell you the history “americans took all the scientists from Germany in world war and took the german atomic technology.” Its a part of game.. U get me… u better

  2. @MrSomnath999>> India is no position to meddle with Pakistan. It never was and neither will it ever be for the simple reason that the average Indian population are retards; that being said covert surgical strike inside Pakistan is never the solution. The Pakistan military complex have to be obliterated.Thats the solution.

    @lutfishah>>You are nothing but a typical Pakistani(similar to the average Indian retard above).Pakistan is not dealing with US. Its a slave to US.US just needs to stop foreign aid to choke Pakistan. Were
    the Pakistanis hiding inside Saudi Arabia’s ass while Britain enslaved
    the undivided India ? Your so called Pakistanis now ( and dirty slave Indians before) were at the mercy of the British then. Go and read history. Now coming to reverse engineering the abandoned ‘stealth helicopter’, do you think that if there was any state-of-the-art technology in it, the US seals would not have already blown it apart ?

  3. MrSomnath999, just because US force did something doesn’t mean Indians can do the same. please do not assume India’s millitary capability is at the same level as USA.

    if USA is 10. India will be below 0

  4. @Somnath999 u r a proper low grade low thinker with a worse attitude kutay kay bachay… harami kee nasal.. did I insult ur country’s name?? Believe me u cunt if u were in front of me i would have loved to brake ur neck. Who the f..ck are u to call me a friend. Who the fu..k r u to insult my country name?? Just last month ago I beat the sh..t out of an indian here in london. Which world are you living?? Just tell one thing why is it that indians are toooooo scared when they come one to one with a Pakistani??? I beat the shit out of an indian here and he with others were running.. why is that?? cuz u all are scared skinny asses.
    another indian guy whom I know here in london told me that he hates india.. cuz he is from the Achoot sect or whatever.
    anyways where the hell are you getting this information that Pakistan airforce is bleeding?? Don’t just fire your words in the air u dum ass. Your own air force is saying that Pakistan has developed their airforce really quickly and ur airforce has to do something really soon then where the hell are you getting this information from? Why dose your country say that we will not do any surgical stikes in Pakistan any more?? Because they know that they will get f up by Pakistan airforce.
    Funny thing is that all the terrorists live in india and the alarming thing is that your fu..cking police knew that the terrorists are living in some cities but the Childish indians want them to be found in Pakistan. Its like india asking america, “Abu abu woh Pakistan may hi rehta hai” and than dad says “kutay kay bacho pehlay aslee banday to kahee chupa do”..
    When was ever you said that the killing in Kashmir or Palestine should stop and give them their lands back??? Never cuz you are the real terrorists, In-fact india and israel are terrorist states and they are giving birth to the freedom fighters… Do you really think that this will stop?? then you are living in ur dreams u dum ass. Freedom fighters will come again and again.. until the evil governments give up.

  5. Latif shah leave him,he is a child. They never think what type of game we are playing. They need to much time to be mature.

  6. Yar MrSomnath999 mujhy to tara name prh kr hi hasi aarahi ha sly tojhy jawab kya don ma????????????????????????????
    yar oh sorry 25 saal k gandy larky tony kbi history prhi ha?
    Agar nahi prhi to itna to ma b janta hon k musalmano pa jb b bura time aya ha end pa hindustan k tukry howy han yaqeen ni aata to thora mazee majhnk k dakh or phir boal.
    or gandy insan to baat krta ha usama ki to usny to banany waly b ham han or marny wlay b tu kon hota ha bkwas krny wala. or rahi America ki baat to woh alahda baat ha k ham ma sy kuch giny-chuny log usky paro-kar han lakin ham to un kooton ki zuban boalna b nahi pasnd krty. majboorian sathsath chalti han or job dunia ma rehna ha to usky sath chalna pry ga. aagy mara khyal ha k to samjh gya hog somnat romnat ta pata ni kari maa na jamya aho jaya haramda naat. Mujhy pata ha gando isky baad tary pas galion k ilawa or kuch nahi ha. T mujhy nikal kr dill ko tasali dady q k tara baap itni door ha toh sy k tari maa tras tars k mar gi ha. or tu agr is zmeen pa zyada dair bohjh ban k zinda raha to tu dakh lain k phir tukry hindustan k hony han or tujhy ya b bta don k ab tomhary baqi k PUNJAB ki baari ha. abi baqi ki qasar next time sahi.

  7. @Hussain Rana Bro .. May nay is somnath kutay kay bachay kee maar kar rakhee hoee hai… go to “Senate Standing Committee to seek funds for PAF” News..
    He is a big lier.

  8. @Hussain Rana Bro hum saab Pakistani ko aik hona hoga … Insha Allah hum Jeetay gay and we will build a strong Pakistan

  9. Yes My Dear Fellow Pakistanis,
    We Must Have To Be United To Build The Strongest Pakistan…!
    Ya Allah Bless Pakistan & Pakistan Armed Forces..!


  11. Well i would appreciated the passion of joining this ever gracious staff!! I’ll be the luckiest person ever if i would be the part of PMA!

  12. Didnt a Indian helicopter venture into Pakistan and got caught immediately. And after taking away the GPS info from the helicopter it was let go. LOL. India is far from the technology that the Americans have.

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