National Action Plan – Waiting for another APS to wake up?

Do we need another APS massacre to awaken our so called democratic government? Why can’t we fight and finish this menace of terrorism once it for all?
Before criticizing any institution we need to understand, few aspect of organizational behavior, how bureaucracy & political offices work; their work streams flows, the culture and human capacity. It also means that we need to understand how we define terrorism. The role of policies and procedure in any organization is of prime importance. As they set the governing rules by which we have to abide. Remember! if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. At this moment of junction there is no room for failure. It’s not easy to draft and make decision which caters to growing 160+ million people. Recently the most important policy decision which was taken to eliminate terrorism was, National Action Plan (NAP).
But do we know how it has progressed so far? Or we have a “gold fish” memory; People forget things easily and these days’ people are too busy with things that matter the most. May that be Donald duck, Gilli Danda, PANAMA or tahir shah; every day there is a new story, a new distractor in life. NAP was a plan which was drafted in the aftermath of APS massacre, to eliminate the curse of terrorism from our society. What is terrorism? As per Google, terrorism means: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”. According to Wikipedia there is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism (Simply WOW!). Terrorism these days is the most used words in news; and highly biased word with respect to its usage by the user. Some acts are physic and other categorized as terrorist.

Nowadays, you might get into trouble if you misbehave on the internet, as well. So, what does the NAP says about? What are the silent features? Holistically speaking, firstly it deals with establishment of military courts to trial cases related to terrorism. Aren’t our regular courts good enough for that? No, they are too busy busting valentine day’s balloon; and sometimes they get bribed; and the rest are scared for their precious life. Secondly, reinstate of capital punishment.

That’s brutal! What will happen to our human race? Thirdly, re-verification of mobile users through finger prints. Oh my god! what will happen to free balance transfers and all night offers. Importantly, it also deals with crackdown of finances and financier of terrorist network. Oh man, do you mean no more “local style” fund transfer. But we did implement that? So, what is wrong? Yes that’s true that it was implemented. More than 120 capital punishments were executed, 70 millions SIMS were verified, and few afghan refugees were sent back.

But to ensure that the root cause of terrorism is eliminated we need continuation of policy; but lack of political will is the biggest hindrance in complete and comprehensive implementation. And I surely believe that only the implementation of law will improve the situation. We don’t need any further brainstorming sessions to review the policy of the past. Justice delayed is justice denied. We need to take action against all terrorist whether they are of any hue, color or ethnic. We need to implement NAP.

Apart from terror related incident we should also broaden our horizon and understand how asymmetrically our values and sentiments are damaging through sports diplomacy, especially the cricket. Our highly sentimental people are spiritually attached to certain sports and events. Our chairman of cricket board has made cricket Pakistan look like a joke. The hatred is also been observed among players on the other side of the wall. And it’s a sad affair that the sport is used to malign the nations instead of creating harmony. Do we need cricket to be given that stardom as compared to other sports?

One thing is for sure that if we have leagues for any other sports than we might not have Mr. sethi spooking the players for fixing; bookies might need to re-invent themselves; foreign players will be easily available to play, to showcase that things are normal in Pakistan. And whether you like it or not we do have talent for other sports and as a nation we like to watch and play sports. Another aspect which we have to realize is portrayal of arts and culture; films and fiction is rated and paid the highest. Deception is an art! And films are the best medium to convey your deception to the masses. We do have a legacy of brilliant writers and actors, but we need a coherent effort to counter this deception.

We have to counter our enemy on two aspect a) beat their ideology b) beat them on territory. We have already launched operations to defy the territory and too much extent we have succeeded. This territory war will continue and tit for tat action will occur. To the first aspect, we have to counter their ideology by proper counter narrative and show the correct ideology. We have to read Quran and understand so that we could implement first within ourselves and then within our society. By way of implementation we have to show that our social and ethical models are for the betterment of humanity. Nevertheless, the census which is to be conducted in March 2017 after 1996 is also going to be very critical. Firstly, as a planner it will help us understand the demographics of our population and importantly it will also attest our population.

Approximately 200K+ soldiers will be assigned as per ISPR for this task in parallel to the regular tasks they conduct and deteriorating security situation. We can well judge the importance of this task. This should not be delayed at any cost and to be conducted as per the plan. Since the election year is coming fast, all political parties will be looking to gain their political mileage so we do expect that same slogans of the past will be repeated. Don’t get fooled this time. The drifting world economics and emerging of multiple polarities is also a sign of opportunities and risks.

 About the author
Hi, my name is abdulwassae; born and raised in Pakistan. I’m a data scientist and currently writing articles which showcase my perspectives of the world. Your criticism is welcome.