Admiral Mullen

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen said he has raised the issue of interference into Balochistan with the Indian leadership. Talking to a private TV channel, Mullen said he talked to his Indian counterparts, both former and current, and the Indian political leadership about Pakistan’s reservations.

He said he had also discussed the issue with Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was involved in the killings of US citizens, Mullen said adding that Al Qaeda-Taliban collaboration in the Pak-Afghan border area had spurred violence in both countries. The US Army chief said Pak Army has taken up vital measures to cope with the extremists and clinched successes, adding the relations between Pakistan and the US are based on mutual interests.

He also said if Indo-Pak tension is terminated and headway towards the resolution of Kashmir issue is achieved, then the issue regarding the regional stability to a large extent would be resolved. Mullen ruled out putting any US troops on Pakistani soil for anti-militant operations along the Afghan border and said a stable and supportive Kabul would help Islamabad in formulating its future strategy. “No, no. There’s no – absolutely no provision, nor – or no discussion of putting any US troops in Pakistan,” he told the PBS channel when asked if the US troops could target terrorists on the Pakistani side of the Afghan border. – Daily Times


  1. i think it’s a positive sign although it may be just a show-off to the world about how much america is sincere to paakistaan ;it can be a bluff , me not sure about that…

  2. Unfortunately, Mr Mullen is lying when he says that there are plans to put US troops in Pakistan – they are already here according to confirmed sources who work for the US embassy in Islamabad.
    These 300 odd US Marines are based full time in and around Islamabad carrying out spying and surveillance activities.
    Even worse is the fact that this cannot happen without the connivence of our govt. The recent closing down of the Sihala Spy operation on our sensitive Kahuta plant is a step in the right direction.

    • US Marines are for protection and security of the US Embassy in Islamabad and have nothing to do with regular military operations. Your comments are wrong, dishonest, untrue, and way off base. Have you forgotten right there in Islambad it took a week of regular Pak Army fighting to end use of a Islamic school as a source of boys and girls used as adult terrorist suicide bombers?

  3. Pakistan has gold reserves worth trillions of dollars &
    the strategic position with the perceived threat from the Taliban, this could be another reason why the West is so interested in controlling Pakistan even more….

    LAHORE – The renowned Nuclear Scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand recently-installed Rs 70 million high-tech 4 MeV Pelletron Accelerator and Rs 40 million Laser Laboratories at the GC University, Lahore Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics (GCU CASP).

    GCU Vice Chancellor Dr Khalid Aftab & other speakers like Dr Samar gave wake-up call to the national scientists, saying Pakistan is extremely rich in minerals especially coal, copper and gold and what it needed is indigenous technology for exploitation of these resources. We should not let the foreigners to exploit our resources and pay us peanuts in form of royalty.

    Nuclear scientist said that Pakistan had gold and copper reserves of trillions of dollars in Balochistan.

  4. US is fully aware by Indian Terrorist Activities
    into Pakistan. But they keep quite over that since.

    India supported and supporting Afghan Taliban with lots of
    $$$, weapons and other things. Just to do as much as terror they can make into different part of Pakistan.

    But whole world and their media keep quite over it. US got only 1 9/11, but Pakistan getting such situation almost every day. Nobody care for it.

    In other words, US building India as a strong power against Pakistan & China. Because US never shown so much interesting to India than before.

    One more thing that I should add here that, Pak media is so coward so coward to show the real face of India to world.

    Just look at Huge Indian Media always propaganda against Pakistan. Even they using so bad words against Pak. But Pakistani Media is always busy to show Bollywood Movies, Talk Show, Drama`s, Celebrities, IPL, ICL etc. . . .

    Wake up Pak Media!

    • Afghan Taliban Dont want any support from India.and they not behind the terriost attacks on Pakistan.India is fundind Tehrik-E-Taliban Pakistan ( T.T.P ).T.T.P is behind the terrorist activates in Pakistan.Afghan Taliban are not against the Pakistan.Even Mullah Umer who is the leader of Afghan Taliban condem the terrorist activates in Pakistan.

      • This is a comedy i guess friend!
        Your own pakistan general has callled TTP as PATRIOTIC!
        so how wil dey receiv funds from india?
        i think pak media has story writers nearly equal to hollywood i think 🙂
        (i don defend indian media too, but atleast we get some true stories in papers captain)

    • yes bro u r saying d truth….mot only media should wake but our current government should also take steps…
      we must prefer china over USA……

  5. Has any pakistani leadership asked mullen as to their interference in south asia after conniving with osama bin laden to stage manage 9/11

  6. I think that now rest of the world should also bother about India’s interference in Balochistan as it has become obvious that India is behind all the chaos in Balochistan.

  7. Obvious? why is that pakistani politicians brag about having a proof on this but never reveal it? forget about rest of the world.. but atleast to there own country men?

    India has atleast submitted “verifiable” proof to pakistani authorities on involvement of its local elements in terrorist attacks.. which pakistan flip flopped for few times and then agreed that kasab is pakistani.. it all sounds so childish and immature…

    So if pakistan has proof of indian involvement it should reveal it to world community and bring india to center stage.. but that’s a big “IF”

    • Mohit, Credible proofs of Indian involvement have akready been presented to Indian premier and if you recall, as it is not an old case, the same was part of a joint declaration between two heads of governments. Have you forgotten the bashing of Mr Singh by Indian opposition / media after the declaration. India has never admitted the exiatance of Pakistan as state and have always propogated a thin line dividing two lines. This is the fault line its not a thin line, rather its a very deep rooted thick line that our forefathers dragged with the help of thier blood,India has to admitt this very fact and learn peaceful co-existance with its neighbours for the prosperity of its own poor people occupying its footpaths in New Dehli and Bombay (so called Mumbai), woo… the real face of shining India.

    • u Admit that india is the biggest terrorist state of asia now u ll see what PAK ll do with ur INDIA prepare for that and 1 thing abt like KASAB pepoles INDIA capture lots off PAKIS put them in thir jails trained them through RAW the most disorginised INtelegence of the world and then attach on thir own people at that time PAK and INDIA were too mch close to resolve Kashmir issue and they did that MUMBAI DRAMA tell us abt KARKRE who opened the cases against ur hindu party he was killed by ur hindu party and raw he is the real hero who was working their honestly her wife didnt take any reward frm ur goverment becoz she said goverment killed his husband becoz he is an honest officer.

      • The whole existence of Pak, as a country is purely based on Lies, Conspiracies, Deceit & Propaganda. No wonder you have never been told the correct history by your illegitimate forefathers.

  8. Mullen definitely raises issue with india,,,Issue is based on how to capture baluchistan,,,,how to control natural resources of the area,,,how pak army helps us to make us win the war in that area,,,how politicians of paki helps us to destroy pakistan,,,how people of pakistan lead this country to destruction….I think we should look into ourselves of what we are doing since 62 years including the ruling class of pakistan…we are moving towards self destruction,,,,may pak survive till another decade,,,i can hope for that..

    • what u did for PAKISTAN is that ur doing tell every buddy abt our weeknesses mr u r wrong just go to any indian forum then u ll know how to express the feelings for our home country this our problem dont share this to world they laughed guys like u….we all know that wht u mentioned
      but five fingures are not equal

  9. Thanks for that but I don’t think so!
    |India//////////////// |
    \\\Isreal\\\\\ |
    ////////////America/// |

  10. why is this white man in pakistan? somebody should shoot him, me and my freinds are planning on attending a lashkar e toiba terrorist training camp in Zhob, when we come back, i will personally blast this scum to the trashlands of india

  11. What a joke. Will this Mullen ever talk to his government to stop killing Pakistanis in drone attacks.

  12. Who would get benefit when 2 cats fight for a bread and takes monkey’s help for a justice?

    It is better to establish oneself and start thinking right rather than getting influenced by other (media / politics) or try to influence other.

  13. Points noted: [1] putting any US troops on Pakistani soil for anti-militant operations [2] raised the issue of interference into Balochistan with the Indian leadership ; about Pakistan’s reservations [3] with headway towards the resolution of Kashmir issue, issue regarding the regional stability would be resolved. Brings up [1] anti USA militants in Pakistan [2]Pakistan has reservations on any interference in to Balochistan [3] Pakistan is linking regional stability with Kashmir issue.
    First, Thanking you brother Pakistani for “thanking me, an indian for registering” proving without doubt that cohesion does bring a warm glow to any human heart as it is good for HUMAN KIND. While at same time any,or even a THOUGHT of Separation is painful. Pakistan separating from Bharath leading to formation of Pakistan and india IS painful as it is against NATURAL HUMAN NATURE, against HUMANKIND. Paki means the same as Sindhu (,your pronunciation Hindu); PURE. So imagining that Paki cannot be together with Hindu was. is will be , JUST an Illusion that is creating all these after shocks in a “FALSE NOTION” (based on a falsehood) called PAKISTAN. ONE primordial LIE leading to many lies is the LAW for MANKIND

  14. What my above comments point to is that; a deluded human will go through many in-stabilizing / destabilizing knocks in life till one gets out of the delusion one is in. Just as a hand that separates from a body may delude itself to be FREE independent entity, but HUMAN kind know differently of its good. JUST STOP thinking of Separation from ONENESS,in just that moment all issues will be understood to be just a delusion. Dear Paki (PURE) Sindhu (HINDU) brothers Just AWAKEN from the delusion you are in. UNITY IS STRENGTH, peace, SOLUTION.


    I am a new forum member and i have been avidly reading the entries from various users with different viewpoints. I think the geo political scenario at the present is much different than what it was in the 50’s or the 60’s, when both rival states had equal footing and did not possess any tactical or economic superiority over the other. The situation is much different as a new age dawns.

    In the light of truth i think we can safely assume and ….im sure the pakistani counterparts would agree, that india is at a much stronger position economically and militarily and is now a force to be reckoned with in the international scene. Why hasnt pakistan who used to counter indian advancements with advancements of their own failed to reach the same status as india in the 21st century?

    Lets examine shall we?…

    India was in a retrogressive path up until the 90’s. Infact the situation was so terrible that there was a real chance pakistan could launch an invasion plan and succeed. The indians were swamped with embargos from foreign states save russia. Techonology transfer to india was considered unthinkable to the americans. In fact India remained the underdog until the 90’s and swamped through with the sole support of few nations such as russia. Whereas pakistan revelled in the comfort provided by their all powerful ally the “United States of America”. Tech transfers, military support etc were all given to pakistan without reserve.

    After the 90’s India, under the guidance of then financial minister Manmohan Sigh launched a series of economic reforms that transformed the nation from a backwater swamp state to a formidable economic force by the dawn of 21st century. The power of these economic reforms propelled india to a new age. Reforms and the backing of the billion strong indian population gave india the boost it was looking for.

    Pakistan however resorted to underhanded tactics trying to destabilize india instead of trying to reform their own economy in response. Instead of launching economic reforms of their own they resorted to printing fake indian currency, lobbying in the foreign law making institutions to further hinder india, etc etc. Infact so much effort was spent on trying to “contain” india that the pakistani leaders forgot to look to their nations well being. They found comfort in magnifying the “indian threat” instead of simply trying to ressurect theuir heavily burdened economy.

    A major fault with the pakistani establishment is that the military is the real factor controlling the nation. A true democracy was never allowed to flourish under the pakistani system. Every once in a while one crack-pot general would decide the system is falliable and take over. Sending the country in a spiralling descent into anarchy and poverty. Once he starts stabilising the country another nut job would decide to take over. The cycle repeats over and over again. Pakistan could never attain stability as a democratic entity. And lack of stability resulted in a stagnant economy where investing was considered very risky, not because of stock fluctuations…but because of the fear of losing everything as a result of some national crisis.

    When assailed with neuclear embargos and trade restrictions, india struggled. But at the same time the indians made it a point to develop their own indigenous systems so they would be able to perform their needs without having to rely on others. When super computers were denied…they made their own. When nuclear technology transfer was prohibited, they created their own fast breeder reactors. When space technology was denied , they launched their own space programmes.

    What does pakistan do when denied? Think about it. All they have done is whine in the international stage about how they were being denied . Pakistan instead of trying to bridge relations, tries further to destabilise its rising neighbour all the while ignoring their own internal struggles.

    There is a stark contrast between the indian preception of pakistan and the pakistan preception of india. All the while pakistani leadership spreads propoganda about the “indian threat” and plants seeds of hate and insecurity in the pakistani youth about the non-existent threat; the indian youth dont even care. They have hopes, dreams and aspirations, and petty rivalaries are beneath them. As Pakistanis seem to assume; there are no “anti pakistan” speecehes being made all over india. Infiact there is a growing sympathy to the pakistani struggles. Infact the one thime pakistan was coming under the flood, prayer grups were being organised in various parts of india to pray for the victims of the flood. Undeniably both the RAW and the ISI tries to deter one another. But the difference is, the whole pakistani national effort is spent on trying to contain “india”. Whereas in India only a small effort is being expended on this regard, while the bulk is being set to reforming the national infrastucture, economy and education.

    Think hard and deep before flamming me for this post but in the light of truth, these are facts and undeniable.


  16. mentioning an issue does not mean the US have a stance on it or are in agreement on it. he can mention whatever he desires BUT fact remains they have a hands off policy on India.

    having troops in Pakistan and using the word ” troops” is intentional because they have CIA operatives and various intelligence operatives and special forces on the ground training in Pakistan.

  17. just became a member & here r answers/questions in reply to various comments pasted above:
    1. why India has consolates in Afghanistan along Pak-Afghan border specially in Kandahar? To me its to promote terrorism aginst Pakistan.
    2. what actions has India taken against its indiginous terrorists. Remember the burning and mass killings of muslim train passengers in Gujrat? There is a complete India media blanket on this issue. So much for INDIAN MEDIA is enough to think about their professionalism.
    3. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s radio addresses and telegrams promised the right of free plebicite to Indian Held Kashmiries. What of that?
    4. If India is desirous to become members of UN Security Council on USA shoulders then India must abide by UN resolutions on Kashmir. Any respectable nation would think thousand times before asking for such a thing without doing its obligations first.

  18. Of the 32 comments that have come in so far, only one seems to have been soberly written: all the others were one-liners where the commenters were trying to be clever or else they merely indulged in muck-raking in which I have no interest. It does not touch me if someone is saying a smart thing for India or for Pakistan. Such comments do not serve to enlighten. The one comment that I am referring to is by someone who calls himself Styx: his comment is dated November 14, 2010, 11:43 pm. I guess he may be an outsider and not local to the subcontinent.
    Much of what he writes is in order. There are a few things with which I do not agree at all. For instance, he says that Pakistan remained on intimate and friendly terms with the US well into the 1990s. That’s not how we in India see things. After the China war of 1962 India–China relations went into a long winter from which they have not quite recovered so far. And, for reasons that we need not go into here, India–Pakistan relations have been in deep freeze from the dawn of Independence. In terms of existential actuality, China and Pakistan came together inspired by a common attitude of anti-Indianism and went on to become “all-weather friends”, which they have remained to this day. This was necessarily at US expense. Styx should realize that Pakistan has not been much of a friend to the US for a very long time now while Pakistan never for a moment misses on being on good and warm terms with China. And, let it be said that China and the US are not quite on the same side of the line, wherever the line may be drawn. Here is Pakistan attempting a tightrope walk between two incompatibles.
    Three Western powers, namely, US, UK, and France, have seen the logic of not bracketing or hyphenating India and Pakistan. Their leaders do not necessarily think of the two together. India by now is a player on the world stage with its own economic and military weight, which to be sure it is not using to the detriment of any other country, not even Pakistan. India under the wise economic guidance of Dr Manmohan Singh and others who followed him as finance ministers in non-Congress governments scaled great heights as an economic powerhouse which other world players have been keen to work with. This has been possible because India freed itself from the sterile politics of a mere bilateral engagement with Pakistan and set out on an independent path which had nothing to do with Pakistan.
    Pakistan has remained wedded to anti-Indianism while totally neglecting economic development and industrial growth for the good of its own people. As a result, Pakistan was shown up as totally unprepared for a natural calamity like the recent floods which by all accounts were unprecedented in human experience. Pakistan was suddenly compelled to rely on the munificence of several friendly countries throughout the world. It cannot have been an experience which would promote feelings of national pride. It is nobody’s case that Pakistan has recovered from the ravages of that flood.
    It is difficult to understand why Pakistan thinks in terms of parity with India. In a nutshell, Pakistan is not and cannot be India’s equal in any respect except as a concept in political science: both are States. But that’s where the equality ends. There are enormous disparities in terms of social and educational advance, economic and commercial achievement, scientific and technological progress, and – the basis of all this – political stability throughout. Pakistan has its task cut out: it needs to do a great deal for the welfare of its people.
    After nuclear explosions boomed at Pokhran and Chagai in May 1998, it was said on behalf of Pakistan by no less a person than Mr Nawaz Sharif, then prime minister, speaking on Pakistan TV: “Hum ne Hindustan ke saath hisab chukta kar diya hai.” (A rough translation would be: we have squared the account with India.) He and others in Pakistan are welcome to their ways of thinking but I would beg of them all to maintain some sense of proportion. Even in terms of nuclear weapons and missiles, there is no equality between the two neighbours. One made everything on its own while the other bought, stole, and smuggled materials and know-how with the aid of a widespread smuggling structure. The two also have an altogether different record in terms of non-proliferation. While one has an impeccable record in this respect, the other is known to have been a compulsive proliferator.
    Pakistan’s entire inspiration in the matter of relations with India derives from its conviction that Kashmir should have been a part of Pakistan when independence came. This is at complete variance with Pakistan’s own record, say, in erstwhile East Pakistan where fellow Muslims, more numerous than those in West Pakistan, were badly treated by the Yahya-Bhutto duo and deprived of their just desserts as a result of general elections in early 1971. We thought at the time that the emergence of Bangladesh had knocked out the case for Pakistan’s claim to Kashmir merely because Kashmir’s people were, and still are, predominantly Muslim. So were East Pakistanis, but we know their fate. But Bhutto and his successors have not been discouraged by the 1971 experience. They still think that they can wrest Kashmir from India, if not by formal military battle then by low-cost terrorist activity. Nobody in Pakistan seems to realize that there is no way of Pakistan getting Kashmir – now or ever. India is too well organized a place and too powerful in military terms to encourage hopes in that direction in Pakistan.
    Nobody has adduced evidence of Indian interference in Baluchistan, not even Admiral Mullen. We shall wait to see the evidence when someone in Pakistan can put up any.
    V. C. Bhutani,, Delhi, India, Dec 21 2010, 1136 IST

    • Mr. DR V. C. BHUTANI! I just joined this forum primarily to leave a reply for you…
      Pheww!! long essay, little substance! (no offense).. why little substance? because the very ‘informative’ comparative analysis between Pakistan and India that you have made here through your ‘reference-rich’, ‘eye-opener’ long ‘article’, has just gone horribly wrong, both technically, and factually!
      I like to do comparative analysis in various fields, below is an ‘objective’ comparative analysis of both ‘rising’ India and ‘failed-state’ Pakistan (unlike your emotional and subjective poor analysis without any reference to substantial research):

      Download the pdf report and then ponder over the ‘rising & shining’ India myth for yourself and ask a question to yourself: ARE WE INDIANS BECOMING DELUSIONAL? regardless of what is going on in Pakistan, this is one of a perfect studies of how India is doing and how it is on the brink of a civil & class war and total chaos and disintegration..and being delusional is just the ‘catalyst’ toward that disintegration!
      congratulations on your mythical ‘super-come puters’! read the report and be enlightened!

  19. Dear Patriots,

    Don’t take these media annoucemnets seriously they all checking you, your morals. they never be your freinds nor allies.

    Think only through vision of Pakistan as Best Pakistanis.

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