Jawad R. Khan

The modern era has seen the deadliest form of warfare in the shape of terrorism. The concept of employing enemies of state from within, in order to gain political and economic ascendancy has peaked in this millennium. The worst hit is the religion Islam, as the world (especially West) has more or less comprehensively believes that the bloody fountain terrorism has roots in Islam. The Muslims are subjected to disgrace and dishonor as their faith is linked with terrorism, indeed by design. Pakistan fought this war without an official counter-narrative which leads to easy recruitment by the terrorist organizations in the name of Islam.

Social Media, however, has an element of an effective counter-narrative which is commonly known as Khawarij. Khawarij are labeled as Dogs of Hell by Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. In addition, there are numerous Hadiths which clearly indicates that Khawarij are not Muslims and Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him has declared them, those who will kill Muslims and leave non-Muslims. The said narrative is a popular Social Media narrative in Pakistan and has created a big impact on the very existence of organizations like TTP and Jamaat ul Ahrar and their fake claims to their connection with Islam.
ISIS, a new proxy of West is now gaining momentum and knocking the doors of South Asia through their increased influence in Afghanistan.

It is time for the Muslim world to enhance this CVE for denouncing terrorism through religion. This CVE will indeed allow Muslim world a better ground to fight this menace by declaring them as Khawarij. In addition, this narrative will automatically unite the two most important powers of Muslim World, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The most formidable reason for the above statement is the authentic Hadiths of Prophet in this regard and “The Battle of Neharwan” which was lead by Hazrat Ali to crush Khawrijs of that era. This connection between authentic Hadiths and Hazrat Ali makes it highly acceptable for both sects of Islam ie Sunni and Shia. Precise and timely employment this narrative against ISIS can unite the thought process of ruling elites of Saudi Arabia and Iran.