Secretary General Jamat–e-Islami Pakistan Liquat Baloch has shown his concerns over the PAF JF-17 plane crash near Attock which resulted in the martyrdom of the pilot.

The Secretary General made a statement that the country has gotten visibly agitated over the constant crashes of the PAF planes and desired to find out the cause of these problems.

He requested a complete investigation over the incident and asked for the results to be made public.

He emphasized that the PAF’s Technical wing will have to explicate to the nation why the plane was made operational if its performance was not up to the standards.

Liaqat Baloch informed that if the training planes were not conducive and had some technical issues, the planes should be grounded so that the lives of the trainee pilots wouldn’t be at peril.


  1. Mr Baloch,

    The air force will carry out its investigation and they will find out what happened—but for defence forces—it is not necessary to make the report public.
    There is some strategy and gamesmanship required as well. The people who need to know will know what happened and will take corrective actions—. PAF does not sit on its haunches when it comes to air crashes.

  2. why does JI need to comment on a matter that concerns the PAF?

    LMAO!! Next they’ll say that the crash was a zionist conspiracy or something liek that

  3. Every new platform that is inducted in any air force has a learning curve for all those associated, specially pilots and ground crew. The JF-17 crash will be analyzed and the findings will improve all future flights. That is simply how it works.

  4. Someone should tell Liaqat Baloch that this is the first crash the JF-17’s ever had… what “constant crashes” have him doubting this plane’s operational capability.

    Our neighbors to the East have crashed ONE THOUSAND jets, it’s very laughable that they’re jumping with glee over JF-17’s first crash since 2003(when this aircraft flew for the first time).

  5. The part in which he has asked for inquiry made public is right armed forces now should have to make public matters to some extent but when it comes to technical stuff he is a moron a complete idiot who doesn’t even know that mankind invented aircraft over 100 years ago.

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  8. JI is political party. They can show their concerns but not publically. It should be on proper platform with proper way. JI Defence Team (If any have) should get in touch with all activities of defence forces. JI should appreciate on achievement as well.

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