On Tuesday, China formally started the manufacturing of two state-of-the-art fast attack missile crafts for the Pakistan Navy. These crafts are an addition to a couple of naval frigates which are being built for the strategic partner.
The ceremony of the Fast Attack Craft FAC(M) of Pakistan Navy was held at Xinggang Shipyard. The Pakistan navy has signed a contract with Offshore International Company Limited (CSOC) & China Shipbuilding for the construction of the two modern missile crafts which will be geared with the latest sensors and weapons.
The Vice Admiral Tanveer Faiz Ahmed of the Pakistan Navy attended the ceremony. The arrangement states that one of the crafts will be built in Tianjin while the other one will be manufactured in Pakistan’s Karachi docks. The first craft was expected to be inducted in the force last October. At the moment there is no information about the financial agreements on this deal.
China is a major weapons system supplier to Pakistan and it is deeply involved in a series of defence projects with its ally. This includes the joint development of the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet which will be manufactured by both countries with engines supplied by Russia.
A couple of naval frigates for the Pakistan Navy are also being constructed in china and at the moment three of them have been inducted into service. The fourth one is still being manufactured in the Karachi Shipyard.


  1. Hi,

    Very poor reporting.

    3rd line 3rd word, i think they mean “Naval fast attack craft” and not Aircraft.


  2. Great news for PN, its patriotic servicemen, and the country as a whole.

    Pakistan-China Zindabad

  3. type 022 stealth missile speed boats.

    Advantages: stealth is very good, speed 50 knots, firepower is very powerful(8 Y-J83 anti-ship missile).

    Shortcomings: small range(2200 km), weak air defense capability.

  4. So supposedly its not the craft in the picture that we are going to get, it is something more heavy probably in the 500 tons range.

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