Saturday, July 2, 2022

China & Far East

60 Aircraft To Participate in ‘Shaheen X’ Exercise Being Held in China

''Shaheen X''will take place in China’s western theatre command in the Second week of December.

Royal Thai Navy confirms its plan to acquire two S26T submarines from China

The S26T is based on the Type 039B Yuan-class submarine operated by the Chinese Navy. It is expected to displace at around 2,600 tons, has a top speed of 18 knots, and a submerged endurance of up to 20 days. It will be armed with up to 16 torpedoes and up to 30 mines.

China a ‘welcome friend’ for reconstruction in Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman

Chinese investments in reconstruction and would guarantee the safety of investors and workers. “We welcome them. If they have investments of course we ensure their safety. Their safety is very important for us,”

EU resolutions against Philippines and Pakistan not following through

Before passing a Resolution on Sri Lanka with a threat of withdrawal of the GSP+ concession, the European Union Parliament (EUP) had passed two similar Resolutions against the Philippines and Pakistan.

India, Pakistan and China appear to be expanding nuclear arsenals: SIPRI

China, Pakistan and India have 350, 165 and 156 nuclear warheads respectively as of January this year.

Indonesia reveals USD125 billion military modernisation plan

The document proposes funding of USD79 billion for defence equipment during this 25-year period, USD32.5 billion for sustainment, and the remaining USD13.4 billion for interest payments on foreign loans.

Bombing of government office in China kills at least five, including suspect

The blast occurred in the village of Mingjing, targeting community committee office located on the northern outskirts of Guangzhou, early on Monday.

Taiwan loses two F-5E fighter jets in apparent collision

Taiwanese pilot killed and another missing in the ageing fleet’s third crash over the past six months.