Monday, November 29, 2021

Current Affairs

K-2 nuclear power plant connected to grid

The PAEC pointed out that K-2 is the first nuclear power plant in Pakistan with a generation capacity of 1,100MW

Pakistan will plant 50 Million Olive Trees – Rs 500 Billion expected annual income

4 Million Wild olive trees would be grafted to make them Fruiting. 10% of the trees being planted under the ten billion tree Tsunami project will be Fruit Trees.

TikTok in Pakistan Banned Again Over ‘Immoral Content’

Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan said that the ban not be removed till objectionable content is removed. The PTA DG told the court that he contacted authorities to get objectionable content removed but he didn’t receive any response. Justice Khan remarked that the app should remain blocked till authorities respond.

MQM-London lady named Kahkashan running target-killers network in Karachi from abroad: CTD

Karachi CTD DIG Omar Shahid said that Rangers had caught a team of MQM-London target-killers in 2017 and during the interrogation, an intelligence operation was carried out on the information they got from the target-killers. It was later revealed that a woman named Kahkashan was operating from the USA and running the team of the target-shooters in the port city of Karachi.

Government Employees working as Journalists in Sindh

Investigation found that following Government Servants have been working as Journalists in various departments. Some times we often think about the leaks and how things are compromised. Beside the secrecy, such act falls under corruption and dishonesty to the department itself. We can understand the so much anger & reaction by the corrupt leeches in bureaucracy against accountability on any level. One can understand that how the system has been sabotaged and utilized for the sack of personal gains & serving agenda of any political party.

DC Lahore withdraws detention order for Ammar Ali Jan in Lahore High Court

these fasa'adis continue to challenge writ of the state but are given relief by the Hon. Judiciary.

PM, COAS, ISI chief meet to discuss security situation of Pakistan

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) called Thursday on Prime Minister Imran Khan to brief him on the security situation on both internal and external fronts of Pakistan. Director General ISI Lt. Gen. Faiz Hamid was also present on the occasion.

Pakistan, IMF inching towards stalled programme

Pakistan and the IMF are inching towards formal revival of the stalled Fund programme, as the government has decided to hike power tariff by 25-30 percent and to abolish up to Rs200 billion corporate sector income tax exemptions.