Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Current Affairs

SC turns down plea to suspend SHC verdict in Daniel Pearl murder case

| Justice Manzor Malik, a member of the bench, remarked that the American journalist’s kidnapping needs to be proven first with the help of evidence that must show the person kidnapped was Daniel Pearl.

Peshawar: Relatives of Woman, who passed away due to COVID-19, destroy Hospital

| Family claims that Woman was asymptomatic, had no signs of COVID-19. Perhaps they didn't realize that it's common to be infected with COVID-19 & be asymptomatic

Real Reason Locusts are out of control in Pakistan

| Mass killings of animals & birds that as a Muslims we do not even eat have taken a toll on how nature maintains it's balance. Out of control hunters on spree to hunt these birds for mere fun. Wildlife department needs to wake up & take action.

Usman Mehmood & Uzma Khan Scandal: What is all wrong with us as Society

| It is not about being a Power tycoon, it's about injustice. Where any individual with power, money & connections will get away with anything,even if that means breaking & entering into anyone's private property, destruction of property, vandalism, 'Assault' , attempt to murder and a little bit of humiliation & psychological torture. P.S: Money can't buy you class, moral, ethics and values

Patriotic Dissenters Openly Supporting BLF

| Professing their love openly for terrorists