Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Once upon a fault line

Now Prime Minister Imran Khan will shake President Vladimir Putin’s hand not far in the Kremlin from where Mikhail Gorbachev addressed Gen Zia and foreign minister Yaqoob Khan, just after Konstantin Chernenko’s funeral in 1985, and threatened to “destroy Pakistan” if it didn’t end its support for the mujahideen.

Opinion: Don’t blame Pakistan for the outcome of the war in Afghanistan

PM Imran Khan presents Pakistan's case through WashingtonPost

Washington Post refused to publish Fed Minister article in response to Hamid Mir –...

WP did not even responded to the letter submitted by Fed minister. What happened to the freedom of speech & moral in Journalism?

Indian experts are wondering why New Delhi has been sidelined in Afghanistan

There’s a new Russia-Pakistan axis and Quad to tackle the Afghanistan crisis. India still doesn’t know what to do about them.

Moeed Yusuf, Faiz Hameed to visit US next week

National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General Lt Gen Faiz Hameed are expected in Washington next week for talks with their American counterparts.

America Has Lost a Proxy War against Pakistan

"The United States has been waging and losing a proxy war against an alleged ally".

PM Imran’s number among those targeted for surveillance by India using Israeli spyware

The extent of the spyware – Pegasus – use was reported by The Washington Post, the Guardian, Le Monde and other news outlets who collaborated on an investigation into a data leak. India was among a number of countries using an Israeli company's spyware in attempted and successful hacks of smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials and human rights activists around the world.