Tuesday, June 2, 2020


India’s non-military strategic methods explored to wrest back Azad Kashmir & GB

| Organised by Law and Society Alliance & chaired by Lt. General (R) Ata Hasnain; Dr. Manish, at Gujarat Central University; and Siddharth Zarabi (a senior journalist). Guest Speakers explore the options for Indian establishment to get back at Pakistan. Lucky for us, all their "Players" stand exposed already. Graphix Credit: Our Media Partner - GVS

LUMS Professor is worried about Students / Staff member ending up in wrong

| A Professor in Sociology department LUMS has tweeted that if one of the students or Staff member end up in wrong, she will be expected to answer for it. Does it mean that University & the Faculty has failed as an institution in mentoring future leader? or is this a heads up that more students might pick up arms & University is not be held answerable for their actions

Indian Bot Farms using pictures of Muslim women as Baloch Women for propaganda

| Pictures taken from various sources were used to create profiles on Social Media platforms to pose as Baloch women & running smear campaigns against Pakistan. The handler had done a poor job as they he decided to take side with "Manjoor Pashtun" in "North Wajristan"

Pakistan calls for tighter security on Iran border following fatal attack

| Army chief emphasized that fencing of the Pakistan-Iran border must be completed as soon as possible. Smuggling and illegal trade on the border must be checked as well, as these activities are being “used by terrorists and narco-traffickers for covering their movement,”

PAF C-130 transports Medical Supplies & PPE gifted by Pakistan to USA

| US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appreciated the goodwill gesture of Pakistan

2 terrorists killed in Lakki Marwat, KP by CTD – 19 May, 2020

According to the police, the encounter took place in the Gandi Chowk area of Lakki Marwat where, in an exchange of fire, the two were killed. The terrorists, according to officials, were wanted to police in multiple cases of terrorism, extortion and target killing. Motorcycle, hand grenades and two Kalashnikovs were also recovered from their custody, the police said.