Thursday, October 29, 2020

Pakistan Affairs

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Pakistan and Oman have signed MOU in the field of Military Cooperation – Radio...

This MoU will surely contribute towards further strengthening Pak-Oman bilateral diplomatic relations in general and military cooperation in particular.

‘My dream’: PM shares master plan of ‘Pakistan’s first knowledge city’

Prime Minister Khan posted an animated video showing the master plan of the knowledge city as envisioned by him with a caption that read: “The Master Plan of my dream to build Pakistan’s first knowledge city.”

Pakistani Hindus return back home after discrimination and humiliation in India

14 Pakistan's Hindus returned from India, welcomed in Pakistan. The returning families allege that they were humiliated in India & were not even allowed to enter in Temples.

پاکستان کا فرانس میں گستاخانہ خاکوں کی اشاعت پر شدید احتجاج۔۔۔

پاکستان نے گستاخانہ خاکوں کی اشاعت پر فرانس سے شدید احتجاج کرتے ہوئے فرانسیسی سفیرکواسپیشل سیکریٹری یورپ نےاحتجاجی مراسلہ حوالے کردیا۔

SC directs NAB courts to expedite proceedings

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered all the 24 accountability courts to expedite proceedings in corruption references without granting any adjournments to parties.

Pakistanis poke fun at Indian media’s ‘civil war’ hyperbole – Ministers ask Twitter to...

Fuelled by the outrageous claims made by the Indian media, the hashtags 'CivilWarinKarachi' and 'CivilWarinPakistan' started trending on Twitter as Pakistanis shared their own spin on the hyperbole in the form of memes.

PM Imran Khan spoke to PM of the Kingdom of Bhutan today – PMO...

Tightening the noose - was somebody saying "isolation"?

Pakistan denies its army’s presence in Azerbaijan

In a statement, Pakistan Foreign Ministry said such reports are “irresponsible, speculative and baseless".

Pakistan’s Current Account Records First Quarterly Surplus in Over 5 Years: SBP

This is indeed a record that the current account retained its surplus-value for a quarter of the financial year.

Mr. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar along with a delegation is visiting Islamabad – MoFA Pakistan .

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar appreciates Pakistan's role in the Afghan peace talks.