Friday, July 10, 2020

War on Terror

Joint operation kills at least 12 ISIS militants in Makhmour

At least 12 Islamic State (ISIS) militants were killed on Mount Qarachogh in the territory of Makhmour, Erbil province in a joint operation by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the US-led coalition

Blast in Parachinar, KP

According to reports, explosives were hidden in the garbage box near the Security C.P. Usually there are all lot of laborers in the area but they had left the spot moments earlier. 2 x people were martyred in the attack

CTD arrests ‘most wanted terrorist’ during SITE operation in Karachi

| Alam went under training in Afghanistan and was wanted in several terror acts including murder of (DSP) Bahauddin in 2014, bomb blast at Imambargah Azakhana Kausar in 2013 & attack on Inspector Shafiq Tanoli

Agent of Chaos gets rallied by Indian deep state

| Shows their frustration & how desperate they are getting. We already have information that a Pushtoon activist in exile has been approached to appear next on the show

3 x TTP Militants killed by CTD in Buner

| Militants were involved in attacking security forces in the area.

BLA attacks Local for working with Security Forces

| Out of frustration, these guns for hire have started shooting at local people who do not believe in their ideology and have started working against these terrorists. These locals were targeted because they were informing Security Forces about the activities of Terrorists in the area.

Indian proxies hunting Baloch patriots

| A pro-Terrorist social media account has threatened to assassinate patriotic Baloch who shun violence and decided to stand with State of Pakistan. This is how Indian sponsored proxy silence the truth.

Major Military Operation Begins in Baluchistan

| According to reports Military has launched major offensive in Pak - Iran border region to neutralize the terrorist. Elements from Special Operations are deployed. With Ramdhan coming to an end, it's time to unleash the monster. Gfx credit: our Media Partner BattleSpaceX

Why PTM is quiet over Shopkeeper’s killing in Bajur last night

| TTP has officially claimed responsibility for killing Wahab, who was a 'Pashtun'. Our question is to PTM leadership, why is it not condemning the attack. Was Wahab a Punjabi Fauj that is why PTM leadership is quiet? or is it because Wahab was martyed by PTM's brothers in arms TTP for working with Security Forces?