Wednesday, May 12, 2021

War on Terror

National Action Plan – Waiting for another APS to wake up?

National Action Plan - Waiting for another APS to wake up? Do we need another APS massacre to awaken our so called democratic government? Why can’t we fight and finish this menace of terrorism once it for all? Before criticizing any...

TTP vows to continue it’s support for Mullah Abdul Aziz, Lal Masjid

While authorities continue to sleep & ignore Mullah Abdul Aziz, TTP has released a detailed statement on Lal Masjid affair. TTP called upon it's followers to support Abdul Aziz in his fight against the state.

Daesh Commander Ijaz Bangulzai neutralized in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Ijaz was believed to be the operational commander for planning massacre of 11 Hazara coal miners earlier this. Report via @Jana_Shah

TTP formally observes it’s splinter groups, Hizb ul Ahrar & Jamat ul Ahrar

TTP Chief Noor Wali is on the drive to form a grand alliance against Pakistan, as it sees itself getting defeated at the hands of Pakistani State. So far TTP has observed LeJ, HuA & JuA into itself. TTP militants openly meeting & celebrate their meger in Afghanistan, with a nudge from US?

Afghanistan based Terrorists attack civilian across border

TTP has claimed responsibility for the attack on labors working along the border. Will those who chant "Lar o bar ya Afghan!" protest against this attack too ? or as usual we should expect them to stay silent?

4 gunmen attacked Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi

All terrorists have been neutralized. Indian funded proxy group BLA has claimed responsibility for the attack. Follow the thread for latest updates & comprehensive insight into the attack

BLA’s Terrorist & a Scholar at same time

.Baloch Liberation Army has confirmed that two of it's terrorists were killed during operation by Security Forces. Statement read that both of them at been working with the group for last 1 year. Killed terrorists were graduates of QAU, Islamabad & had been running recruitment campaign at Educational institutes across the across the country for BLA.