Friday, April 23, 2021

War on Terror

CTD & Rangers Intelligence in joint operation arrest five militants from TTP from Hyderabad

Militant were planning to disrupt peace in the province. Afghan passport recovered from possession

Pakistan to ban ‘far right’ TLP under Anti – Terror law following violent protests

writ of state must be implemented at all costs. There is no place for extremists who take law in their hand, assault Law Enforcement officers , & destroy public property

Remains of ‘16 abducted coalminers’ found in K-P mass grave

They were abducted & later perhaps butchered by Militants nearly a decade ago. Kohat DPO says DNA test is being carried out to uncover truth behind the incident.

MQM London Terrorist arrested during Operation in Mangopir area, Karachi

Arms & Ammunition recovered from the Terrorist. Militant identified as Asif Bhai was wanted for his involvement in terrorist activities in Karachi.

Organizers of PTM’s Jani Khel Sit in, Who is Who?

TTP vs TTP? Is #PTM supporting Taliban? Report via @Jana_Shah

5 Martyred, 7 injured as armed men open fire at passenger vehicle in Naltar,...

While #LEA successfully foiled numerous terror attacks in Karachi & Lahore in past 3 months, militants were able to carryout attack against unarmed civilians, women & children in #Naltar Valley, GB today. 5 civilians embraced martyrdom during cowardly attack by Indian sponsored mercenaries

Two militants of SRA arrested by CTD & Rangers during joint operation in Karachi

Militants identified as Mukhtiyar & Sadiq revealed during the investigation that they were working in coordination with BLA & the Baloch militant group supplied hand grenades to be used against Rangers & Police personnel

Rangers personnel martyred in Karachi IED explosion

Terrorists had planted IED on motorcyle that was parked closed to Ranger's vehicle. BLA is claiming responsibility for the attack but it is clear that the attack would have been taken place without the assistance of militant groups in Sindh such as SRA & MQM-L

TTP Commander Iqbal Khiyara killed in Afghanistan

Iqbal was involved in multiple terror attacks on Security Forces & Police. #HuntingSeason continues