Friday, February 28, 2020

Pakistan Defence News

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People stand along with Pakistan Army

Muhammad Zahir-ul-Islam, Corps Commander Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army, stated that the army had support and backing of the country as it has rendered sacrifices for the nation. He stated this during the addressing of a ceremony that...

Pakistan hints at the existence of submarine launched variant of the Babur (Hatf-VII)

Pakistani authorities confirmed last week in a media release that the recently inaugurated Naval Strategic Force Command (NSFC) is the custodian of the nation’s second strike capability. The latest development is likely to tilt the nuclear equilibrium, since earlier...

Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif to be Promoted to Field Marshal Rank?

A proposal to elevate Pakistan's Army chief General Raheel Sharif to the rank of Field Marshal has reached the Islamabad High Court, weeks ahead of his retirement from the powerful post.