Friday, December 4, 2020

Pakistan Navy

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Concepts: ‘Littoral Mission Vessels’

they are multi-mission-capable: anti-ship/surface warfare, anti-sub warfare, and anti-air warfare. However, these LMVs may not include decks and hangars for helicopters (though in some cases, they might -- depends). It'd be interesting if we could design something like the SIGMA 7310 or Dearsan C74 in Pakistan. If we apply the same commercial build standards of the OPV 1900, such ships might be low cost enough to procure in numbers to deliver ASW coverage and distribute land-attack/anti-ship capabilities in our littoral waters.

Militarization of Indian Ocean and its Implications on Pakistan

The Indian Ocean is the theatre of new game for global powers. There are various rivals in competition for influence.Indian designs are to become a global power with active role in every sphere. It has a first priority to compete Chinese influence. Pakistan has a main security threat from India. Its foreign policy has long been hostage to this threat.

Strategic calculations behind Pakistan’s pursuit of Sea-based nuclear deterence

India’s fast growing ASW capabilities and their possible aggressive use may fundamentally change the strategic picture and result in instability by endangering the survivability of undersea nuclear forces.

Shallow Water Submarines – The case for Pakistan

a midget sub for specialized ops.

Pakistan Navy ATR72 at Mönchengladbach Germany for conversion into a Sea Eagle

It will be the second ATR to be converted for Anti-Submarine warfare role

33rd war course graduates from Air War College,along with thirteen allied countries officers

The officers from tri-services of Pakistan, along with the officers from thirteen allied countries including Bangladesh, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe were amongst the graduates.

Pakistan Navy observes World Hydrography Day

| PN along with Intl Hydrographic community observing World Hydrography Day. The day signifies importance & role of Hydrography in Safety of Navigation, Protection of Marine Env, Coastal Zone Mgt, Defence & Security & other components of Blue Economy/ National Growth.