Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Pakistan Army

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Going Beyond The Call of Duty – FC Soldiers help ANA soldier

Last couple of days have been heavy for troops deployed along our western borders. We lost good men in Bajaur and South Waziristan. In the midst of this grief Frontier Corps KP (North) troops in Bajaur received a distress call from an Afghan Army post. One of their soldiers was severely ill with a dropping body fluid level. FC troops at the post rose above and beyond the call of duty and rush ahead in the dark of night to receive the patient. Wings doctors also moved to the location of the ANA soldier. His condition was assessed and he was administered requisite treatment. After stablising he was assessed fit to return to his country. FC troops in the highest tradition of scouts saw him off and got back to their routine of watching the other side.

Twin IED blasts in SWTD, six including 1 officer, 2JCOs, 2NCOs Martyred

As per initial reports, we have lost six soldiers, including Captain Umar, in twin IED blasts in South Waziristan Tribal District. Shaheeds also include two JCOs and two NCOs. While Pakistan Army keeps sacrificing their lives for the motherland and protection of all of us, we will still hear a few shameless people barking. May Allah accept the Shuhada's sacrifices and also give guidance to everyone! (Ameen)

Terrorists fired from across on Army post along PAK- Afg Border in Bajaur

باجوڑ میں بارڈر پر پاک فوج کی ایک چوکی پر دہشت گردوں نے افغانستان سے فائرنگ کی۔ نتیجہ میں حولدار تنویر نے شہادت کو گلے لگا لیا جبکہ ایک فوجی زخمی ہوا۔

Pak Army wins international military drill competition in UK for 3rd consecutive year

"High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan felicitates the team, commends the highest standards of professionalism and excellence maintained by Pakistan armed forces".

OP-ED: War Days, finding an unlikely ally

The hardships of war and the unusual help out of nowhere. Counter-Terrorism tale of Pakistan at a ruggedly mountainous area where there are no cellphones, there is no television, there are no distractions and yet these men stand tall day in and day out and still manage to smile.

Passing out parade held at Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, Abbottabad

Passing out parade held at Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, Abbottabad. Passed out cadets were of 142nd PMA Long Course, 32nd Technical Graduate Course, 61st Integrated Course, 16th Lady Cadet Course and 1st Basic Military Training Course. Cadets from Palestine, Maldives, Qatar and Sri Lanka were also among the passed out courses

Pakistan Army soldier Heman Das Kolhi, laid down his life on duty while serving...

No caste, ethnicity or religious differences but wrapped in Green flag. #Pakistan first.

COAS visited Skardu , Gilgit and Inaugurated Software Technology Park – ISPR .

COAS visited Gilgit and inaugurated state of the art Software Technology Park , an initiative of Special Communication Organisation( SCO). The facility will help create environment for research and innovation in the fields of IT and defence communication by...

Army AD units in action (2019)

A variety of systems offering different capabilities in action.. https://youtu.be/-DPrGZ8M70A