Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Pakistan Defence News

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FactCheck: Propaganda against Military over rescue efforts

| Opportunists used a cropped up picture of Military personal to run their charades over Social Media maligning the personnel busy with taking selfies instead of focusing on rescue efforts. In reality Cmdt. Rangers has been at the fore front of leading the rescue efforts at the crash site.

37 killed in failed militant attack on Pakistani army patrol team

More than three dozen people were killed in the Federally Administered Tribal Area of Orakzai in north-western Pakistan, when militants launched an attack upon one of the army patrol teams. Army officials claimed that 35 militants and two soldiers...

US Defence Secretary defends recent drone attacks in FATA

While attending a conference in Delhi, the US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta claimed that the usage of drone strikes to target insurgents based in and around North-west Pakistan is necessary to maintain the security of NATO installations. He said...

Pakistan Willing To Increase Defence Cooperation With Azerbaijan

Mir Jan Jamali, who is the deputy chairman of the Pakistani Senate, has offered to assist the small war ravaged nation of Azerbaijan in military matters. Jamali is conducting an official visit to the former Soviet republic and on...