Friday, October 22, 2021

Pakistan Defence News

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The Other Two Pakistani Sticks That Forced India Into Submission

Six Indian military installations were engaged by PAF strike aircraft using two types of glide bombs both of which are manufactured in Pakistan; H-4 SOW (Stand - Off Weapon) & Range Extension Kit (REK).

3 Terrorists killed in South Waziristan and Tank by Pakistan Security forces

1 terrorist was killed in Tank , KP while in another operation 1 terrorists was killed and another was injured in South Waziristan ,KP who later also died due to injuries.

Coordinated attack by Protesters and Afghanistan BP at Chaman gate

With 14th Aug just around the corner and Muharam procession in weeks time, this provided perfect opportunity for Lar o bar brigade to infiltrate miscreants for unrest in country on religious & sectarian basis. Spin Buldak has been a hot bed for ISIS & TTP militants. All thanks to #PTM brigade for this