Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pakistan Defence News

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Pakistan identifies major cyber-attack by Indian Intelligence Agencies: ISPR

smartphones & other personal electronic items of Govt officials were targeted however authorities were able to thwart the attack. Recently PDF's OSINT team member was also targeted by Indian agencies to hack into the email however we were able to foil the bid. We have the complete details on the origin of the attack.

Episode 3: Story of Pakistan | Backstabbing (1920-1929)

The narrated stories include: Impact of Khilafat Movement. Countrywide protests against Simon Commission. Arrest of Ali brothers and the Role of Bi Amma. Role of Muslim media in reviving the awareness and cause of Muslim identity as a Separate nation.

Attack on Security Personnel in South Waziristan

As Security Personnel's vehicle crossed Badar Algad Ladha Bridge, suicide bomber exploded his vest. 4 Security personnel including a Brigadier & 3 soldiers were slightly injured. TTP has claimed responsibility for the attack

COAS meets retired, serving senior military officers to discuss regional security

General Jehangir Karamat (Retired), General Ahsan Saleem Hyat (Retired), General Tariq Majid (Retired), General Rashad Mahmood (Retired) and General Raheel Sharif (Retired) were also present during the interaction.

Militarization of Indian Ocean and its Implications on Pakistan

The Indian Ocean is the theatre of new game for global powers. There are various rivals in competition for influence.Indian designs are to become a global power with active role in every sphere. It has a first priority to compete Chinese influence. Pakistan has a main security threat from India. Its foreign policy has long been hostage to this threat.

Terrorist groups martyring civilians inside Pakistan unite to target China’s Belt and Road

Baloch insurgents claimed that an attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in June was carried out with support from Sindhi separatists. PDF's own OSINT Project had predicted this last year that militants in Balochistan were approaching Sindhi separatist groups for coordinated attacks against Pakistan. Security officials have now told local media that with the alliance Sindhi insurgents can now launch deadlier attacks with the help of Baloch militants.

COAS visited troops at LOC in Khuiratta Sector and also visited AFIC & NIHD...

COAS visited troops deployed on frontlines along LOC in Khuiratta Sector. COAS spent time with troops on Eid day, commended their high morale, operational readiness & continuous vigil being maintained along the LOC. COAS also visited AFIC and NIHD & performed earth breaking of NEPCARD where indigenous research on heart diseases will be carried out including their preventive measures.