Monday, May 17, 2021


‘Go back Modi’: Muslims, students protest Indian PM’s visit to Bangladesh

The protesters criticised Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for inviting Modi; “India’s subordinate government of Hasina has invited Modi, we are here to protest against that”.

Indian govt behind parliament, Mumbai attacks, claims former Indian CBI official

A former Indian home ministry officer submitted his declaration in the Supreme Court of India which said that he was told by a former member of the CBI-SIT team that both the terror attacks (Parliament and Mumbai) were staged.

Pakistan to raise issue of delaying flood data with India at Indus Water Commission

پاکستان سیلاب کے اعداد و شمار میں تاخیر کا مسئلہ بھارت کے ساتھ انڈس واٹر کمیشن میں اٹھائے گا

Indian Air Force Pilot Killed In MiG-21 Bison Accident During Training Mission

Group Captain A Gupta lost his life in the unfortunate accident.

Bangladesh: Rally held against Quran petition in India

Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh's largest religious-political party, organized a rally in the capital Dhaka on Monday to condemn a petition filed in the Indian Supreme Court seeking the removal of 26 verses from the Muslim holy Quran. Waseem Rizvi, former chairman of the Shia Central Board of Waqf (Trust) in Uttar Pradesh, India, as well as a Bollywood film producer, filed a petition two days ago claiming that parts of the Quran are "provocative of violence" and incite people to "jihad," which he interpreted as armed struggle.

India Passes Law Making Compulsory Teaching of Hindu Ramayana and Gita in Islamic Madrassas

Muslim clerics have slammed mandatory teaching of Hindu epics in autonomous seminaries and educational institutions as a move to "Hinduize" India. The NIOS, which provides courses at primary, secondary and senior levels, and follows standards similar to those of national and state education boards, said it would initially launch the program with 100 madrasas, extending to 500 in the future.

Indian Army is investigating serious data breach at Army Northern Command

Solider is being accused of passing confidential information to his handlers, allegedly, in Pakistan

Greed for nudes made me betray my country to ISI, says honeytrapped Rajasthan man

Apparently 'bobs' & 'Vagene' hold more value to them then the security of 'Terror' - mata

India to buy 56 C295 transport aircraft in $2.5 billion contract

Airbus Defence and Space and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) will jointly execute the project to equip the Indian Air Force with new medium transport aircraft under the Make-in-India initiative in the aerospace sector. The possible deal, which covers 56 military transport aircraft, has an estimated value of $2.5 billion.