Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Coronavirus India: Workers flee cities as case numbers soar | DW News

In India, over three million people have now become infected with COVID-19. Those numbers rose by a million in just two weeks. With the coronavirus situation getting worse, social and economic pressures are growing too. Millions of skilled and unskilled workers across the country have had to leave big cities and return to rural areas. Our correspondent Nimisha Jaiswal in Delhi explains why.

Indian national arrested over crossing into Pakistan

As per details, an Indian national named Harinder Singh was arrested over illegally crossing into Pakistan. He is said to be a resident of Kamilpur. The case against the Indian national has been registered under the Foreigners’ Act.

Not a question of if, but when China will strike – Indian Narrative

India cannot be seen to be a reluctant ally, which is still waffling around, unable to choose a side, in the name of a long dead non alignment, while hanging onto the coattails of countries that are supping with...

Can’t Lose An Inch Of Territory: China Statement After Rajnath Singh Meet

India is "entirely" responsible for the border stand-off in Ladakh and China will not lose "an inch of its territory", the Chinese government claimed Saturday morning, blaming India for escalating tension along the LAC (Line of Actual Control), which serves as the de factor border between the two countries.

Pakistani, Indian exporters agree to share Basmati rice ownership

The two countries at loggerheads over issue since 2006 although EU under its rules recognises Basmati as common product.